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I just watched CNS go below $12 on no news. Is there something I am missing?

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Looking at the climb this stock has made for the last year, maybe this is just a reaction, or correction of a climb, and will level out and start up again. It's still in the middle of flue and cold season, so I don't know why this would go down. I thought it might drop during the summer....where are our experts to help us know if we should add to our postions, hold, or sell? thanks in advance,

Mrs digger
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I do not see any news. The movement is not all that much, if you give yourself a bigger time perspective, I am thinking. Although I have a small stake in CNXS, I do not plan to take any action with respect to it right now. I remain satisfied that it is an appropriate long term holding for me, as a part of a diversified portfolio. I would emphasize though, that I cannot find any new news and that might change my view, of course. Cheers. Stoneman.
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cnxs is a thinly traded stock. the spread between asks and bids can be as much as 15 cents! so don't be surprised if the price falls 1% on a volume of 500 shares.

what do u all think of its prospects over the next 2 years?

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I have a small position at 12.12, but I would consider getting more at around 11.00 if the fundamentals haven't changed!

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Personally I like this company. I believe that it has excellent prospects over the next several years. Good speciality products - nice niche. Management is focused on quality products and they are looking out for their shareholders. Plus, they have a lot of cash in the bank and no debt. No, it's not that high-flying tech stock that people love to talk about. On the other hand I don't believe CNS will crash and burn either. I'll take CNS and make my money the old fashioned boring way.

Yawn ---- hand me a Breath Right strip, please. I'm going to take a nap.

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I agree ... my interest really starts to pick up at $11 to get more
CNXS. I say $11 only because my personal situation would require an
even greater discount than the present price before I overload a bit
on one particular stock. I think this is a great price for HGers
who have some extra cash waiting to be invested in a relatively boring

This stock is starting to enter bargain territory if you consider:

1.) Tom recommended the stock below $14 when it was trading between
$12.50 and $13 at the time of the 6 month review newsletter. Now,
currently at $11.93, it's a 15% discount to Tom's recommendation.

CNXS was also #4 on Tom's 6 month list.

2.) In Matt Richey's original analysis, he conservatively estimated 7.5%
FCF growth, which lead to an estimate of $18-$21 over 3 years. The
price of the stock was $11.59-$11.63 when he wrote it, and nothing
has materially changed since then (Aug/Sept 2003).

2.) Mike's great post:

3.) Alex's great post:

4.) I will be buying more Breathe Right strips, because my wife
continues to complain about my snoring when I don't use them.
This is the Free Plus (TM) that Tom often talks about. ;)

I've got my Yahoo alerts ready to trigger when CNXS becomes ridiculous.
This is a great entry stock for newer HGers who are disillusioned with
the runups of FARO and Radyne.


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it is possible that a big holder, like an institution, is closing its position. i have observed that in some of the last 10 days, the volume has spiked up to 100k shares. given how thinly this stock is traded, the price spreads will widen. there is no other reason for a stock with over 12 million shares to drop 5% in a day on volume of about 100k shares... unless some brave person is shorting!

but someone else is buying them up :)

did anyone get the cash flow figures for the 3rd quarter?

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