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benjd25 has argued quite convincingly why libertarian free will is a non-starter.

Zeno demonstrated that the human mind can create logical paradoxes that are not reflected in reality. Achilles really can outrun the turtle.

I should say that I don't think benjd and I differ that much. I just think he is making too much of the word "libertarian". He's written that behaving like a human requires human-like consciousness ("I think any artificial intelligence that can pass as behaving very similar to humans would be classified the same as humans regarding subjective experiences and consciousness" ), and at least implied that a conscious entity must necessarily behave differently than a non-conscious one ("Yes, I very much think that a conscious mind makes decisions differently than a non-conscious mind" ).

So benjd asserts that subjective thoughts alter behavior, which to me means subjective thoughts influence behavioral choices. As a simple operational definition, I would argue that this difference in behavior that benjd describes between conscious and non-conscious is what I would call free will. So while we may disagree on semantics, I don't really have a substantive disagreement with benjd.

So what free will could I have, and where could it come from? I am a product of my genetics and STHTM both in-utero and since. What else is there? Where is it?

First off, I don't know what STHTM is but I can guess. Secondly, let's simplify this by talking about consciousness, which you at least believe exists (the same argument applies to free will). I want to emphasize that what follows is my opinion or speculation, I'm not trying to preach and I don't want to have to put IMO in front of every sentence. For the where question, consciousness comes from the same place as magnetism or gravity, it is a fundamental characteristic of matter.

Think about it. In your reality, consciousness arises de novo from from the non-conscious. It is something qualitatively different from the component parts that emerges "magically" when things get sufficiently complex. In my reality, consciousness is present in all matter and becomes increasing influential when matter is arranged properly, like magnetism. No magic required.

As for your "What else is there" question, in the world of quantum mechanics everything exists as a probability wave function. To go from probability to specific the probability wave needs to collapse. What does the collapsing? I call that the "will" and I believe that is the function served by that characteristic of matter called "consciousness". With simple things the level of consciousness is low and choices appear random. Reach the complexity of the human brain and the level of consciousness is high and the pattern of choices becomes more willful and directed.

The brain is an immensely complicated parallel processor. What else is there? And how can it overcome genes and neural pathways?

Subjective thoughts (consciousness) are a property of matter. As such, interactions between matter at the subjective level should be able to affect those characteristics of matter we call objective (the stuff we can measure). Therefore subjective thoughts can alter neural activity.

I've said before, animal evolution from amoeba to human can be seen as a progression from instinctive, gene-driven choices to more complex behaviors that go beyond the genetic program. The way genetic programs exceed themselves is through increasing the influence of consciousness. Consciousness allows free will. Free will allows going beyond the limits of genetics and whatever STHTU is.
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