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I posted Berman's Call (TA guy) a couple weeks ago and it got some interest. Three parts


"China will do whatever they need to ensure a soft landing"

"I don't think it is time to jump in with both feet"

"Talk about a circus.... frankly it's a joke"

"Downgrade the US" "going to come during the political ....

Berman's Call : April 16, 2012 : Part One [04-16-12 11:30 AM] Larry Berman takes your calls and email questions about stocks, ETFs, bonds and more.

<Berman's Call : April 16, 2012 : Part Two [04-16-12 11:40 AM]>

Discusses Apple Margins.


Celtic Exploration

<much more>

Silver Wheaton

Not a fan of leveraged ETFs

Morgan Stanley

<Berman's Call : April 16, 2012 : Part Three [04-16-12 11:50 AM]>

Concerned about European Bonds

"Debt to GDP in the world is past the point of no return"

"If interest rates start to rise in a big way in the US, its over"

"Be a trader"

Expect another global banking shock.

French Elections

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