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Hello i am new here.. Wanted to ask what is the better app to use or buy fraction of individual shares.. i came across app name called Stash. Is it better option?
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It's not the app you're looking for but the brokerage. There's a page comparing a variety of discount brokers here:

And an article discussing how to pick one here:

And a discussion board where you can talk with other Fools about the pros and cons of discount brokerages here:

Look for a brokerage that offers fractional trading (many do now). Many brokers offer referral rewards, so once you've picked the right broker for you, ask around to see if there's a fellow Fool who would be willing to refer you!

Who suggests exploring the sites you're most interested in and choose the one that feels most right...

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Off the top of my head I know that RobinHood, SoFi and Fidelity when placed on the app support fractional shares. More and more brokerages are opening up fractional shares and I expect within a couple years everyone will.

I don't know much about Stash but it's my understanding that it's main virtue is making it easier to invest your spare change.

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