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I am trying to decided where to go when I get out of school. I realize it won't be for another year and a half, but I need something to think about for now.

My last duty was Ft. Buchanan, PR. I enjoyed it, but don't think I would want to go back wouldn't be the same. I am currently at a remote duty in Indiana.

In September I will be going to Air Assult. I don't really like what I've seen of Ft. Campbell so far, so I don't think I'd want to stick around there if I can help it.

I will be a 91K (Lab Tech) so I'm sure that will manipulate my options.

I'm open to OCONUS and CONUS duties, and I may have a EFMP dependent eventually. (CP in a wheelchair, but I don't know if that warrants EFMP since he doesn't really need any "special" care.)

Thanks in advance for the input.
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Wheelchairs meet EFMP standards. I have encouraged all of my soldier with "other than the usual medical ailments" to get on EFMP. Here is why. You get PCS orders to Germany for a duty where the housing is not wheelchair accessable. Your tour could turn into an unaccompanied tour! Almost saw that one happen.

Had another solier whose child has Chron's Disease. Very severe ailment that had this two year old in and out of hospitals. Without EFMP his branch manager would not have been able to prevent a PCS.

Do it, it won't hurt your promotion. I have worked with at least four CSM's who have sat on promotion boards and do not let EFMP stand in the way.
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