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Here's what they say on their website:

There's no need to spend time searching for a better deal on a Best Western hotel anywhere else on the Web. We're confident you won't find one. So sure in fact, we'll honor the lower rate and discount it and an additional 10% if we're wrong.

Here's where I found it: <>

So I made a reservation for the Carlyle Inn hotel. Then I discovered that the hotel has its own website here: <>

Guess what? The rate was $40 cheaper! So I went back to Best Western's site, read their Terms and Conditions here: <> and filed a claim.

They rejected it. Here's their stated reason:
Unfortunately, the claim has been denied.  It has been denied for the following reasons:
The lower rate you found was found on the hotels direct web site. does not compete with our own hotels since all rates are
set by the individual hotel management.

Here's my reply:

Dear Best Western:

I've printed out the terms and conditions, but I can't find any exclusions of a hotel's direct web site. It seems to me that you're making up a new condition which isn't even listed in your terms and conditions.

But perhaps I overlooked it. Can you please quote the exact paragraph or sentence which excludes hotel's direct web site?

I look forward to your reply.

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Have you heard from Best Western Yet ?
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Have you heard from Best Western Yet ?
Yes, and the answer is no. They emphasize that their terms require that the rate be found on a competing website, and they don't consider the hotel's own website to be a competing one.

I also filed a BBB complaint, but the BBB rejected it. (I don't recall the exact reason, but i think it was that I hadn't yet spent any money, and so I didn't have a loss.)

As it happens, I've since found out that a lower rate had already been negotiated for all of us attending this family event. It cuts another $60 off the lower rate that I'd already found.
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