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Yesterday two Fools posted yuuuuge news that potentially represents a major expansion of the BEV market - CMF4Lily’s posting about the AMZN deal with Rivian for 100k BEV vans:

And rockleppard’s posting about Daimler’s commitment to eliminating ICE development to focus on BEVs:

Elon was ebullient over Daimler’s move:

This is great news since anything that expands the BEV market is good for TSLA - however, we do have to temper our enthusiasm a little…

Both are going to take time to implement… for AMZN this will take a decade:
“…In addition to its investment in Rivian, the company has also placed an order for 100,000 vehicles that will start package deliveries in 2021. All 100,000 vehicles will be on the road by 2030….”

For Daimler, there is some waffling:
“…Daimler development chief Markus Schaefer, who suggests that Daimler's roadmap currently has no plan, for future gasoline engine development, though he notes that the outlook could change…”

And developing a new EV for Daimler could take anywhere from 2-5 years - for example, the Porsche Taycan concept was first unveiled in Sept 2015 (4 years ago):

Also… We know that so far Daimler’s success with BEV sales has been extremely limited (to be charitable). You can see in this chart of US EV sales that in August Daimler sold:
Mercedes GLC 350e = 230
Mercedes C350e = 190
Mercedes GLE 550e = 105
Mercedes S550e = 24
Mercedes B250e = 1 (ONE, uno, ichi, eins…)

This is compared to TSLA:
Tesla Model 3 = 13,150
Tesla Model X = 1,825
Tesla Model S = 1,050 (over eintausend)

TSLA’s MS alone sold twice that of ALL Daimler’s US EV sales last month.

German auto companies’ sales of BEVs have been so dismal, we see articles like these:

European industry tells governments they must help sell EVs…
“…Europe's automakers are telling governments they must help build electric-car charging points and provide consumer subsidies to boost sales of battery-powered vehicles and assist the industry in meeting stringent new emissions rules….”

BMW executive calls EVs ‘overhyped’ at company event about EVs
“…BMW executive and board member Klaus Fröhlich told reporters this week that the shift to cars powered by electricity is “overhyped,” and said that there is “no” consumer demand for them. Curiously, Fröhlich made these comments at an event where BMW proudly announced it will accelerate plans to release 25 cars that are partially or fully electric, moving the timeline up two years from 2025 to 2023….”

Aaaannd - this is all within the context of the auto industry’s general decline in suffering their own industry recession in 2019 - but with the EU auto sector being particularly hard hit:

So an announcement of this magnitude from Daimler really represents a big commitment (or a Hail Mary desperation move). AMZN’s move makes much more sense and I think we can hang our hat on much more than Daimler’s waffling announcement (I’m a big AMZN fan and they are one of my top holdings).

But much more than what we've seen so far with these single model launches by various OEMs (and dismal subsequent sales), these two announcements by AMZN and Daimler represent major industry shifts and expansions of the market - which will lead more eyes to TSLA.

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