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BF I have always read, and personally observed, it is better to put Wi-Fi higher -- as in on a shelf. You say yours is in the basement. First thing I would try is get that sucker to the first or better yet second floor (if you have one). At one time (back in the dark ages of Windows and Linksys), I had my Wireless router on the floor. Reception for a TIVO unit was poor. Raised the Linksys to the top of a bookshelf beside the router and TIVO signal went from Poor to Good.

Our house was built in 2000. My AirPort Extreme (not current model, but new in mid 2010) is in the extreme NE corner of the house. We not no trouble with WiFi anywhere in the house. The Master BedRoom in in the SW corner. Between are typically 2 typical 2by4 walls and a particle board shelf. This distance is 30 feet.

The APX is about 5 feet above the floor in a book shelf unit. Just ran on my iPhone in my office (5 feet between iPhone and APX DL 45 Mbps. In the bedroom 31 Mbps - so there is some drop off. This is way higher than I usually see - Comcast is having a good day!

If you have normal internal construction and your distances are similar to mine, something is wrong. Here are some things to consider. Keep in mind the 5 MHz networks while faster in the spec department have their speed fall rapidly with distance. I get better performance outside my office by going back to the 2.4 network. I have found power line systems to be much easier than Cat5e cables and you don't need splitters. Just one unit at the router and connect other units around the house. I have only connected 2 remote units via Powerline, but would bet money 3 would work just fine. With this and your current equipment you could create 3 different networks within your house. Not idea, but better than what you have now. Yet another option might be Network #1 in the main house and Network #2 in the garage - I am thinking it is unlikely you would be bothered by loosing signal as you moved from garage to main house. If you do go with multiple networks make sure you use different channels.

Speaking of channels - have you checked to see you don't have interference form nearby channels? iStumbler works great. Buy be certain to get the version for your OS. There is a new version for Mountain Lion. My recollection is the same version worked on Snow Leopard and Lion, but I may be wrong.

I trust you have current firmware for your "Main". The current for my APX is 7.6.1

Here is a test I suggest. Take your "Main" APX to the Wired Attic location. Connect the wire between the Main and Attic location into your Modem or what ever is in the basement and the APX in the Attic. Take your iPad and run test. (There is a App that works on both iPhone and iPad - free) What you care about is band width, not signal strength.

You wrote "Cat5" wires. I hope you really have Cat5e which is different and on long runs (>30 feet) might be a factor.

A quick check in Apple's Knowledge Base gives me the impression "Extend Network" option is for wireless extension. I could see where more than one such extension might be problematic. Have you verified that disconnecting the wire when the Garage only system was "working" would terminate the network extension into the garage?

Here is a link
which has specific information on extending via wires to multiple locations as you are doing. Be sure to open the link entitled "Multiple Wi-Fi base station network types"

If all this fails, I have two suggestions. AppleCare and post for Steven. It is my understanding Steven does not monitor this board from Friday evening through Saturday.

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