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There's gotta be a song in this, I'm sure... cowboy chords (GCD) or Am7 (like Rocky Racoon). It's hard to romanticize when the scene is a video being made in an apartment. If he had just been drivin' his pickup down the highway on the way to a honky tonk with his true love by his side after puttin' up with a hard job all week to raise his kids like his daddy never did...

There was Bibles here, there was bibles there, the man had bibles everywhere,
... but the gun in his pocket shot poor Justin in the eye...

"Our God" sez, son--- what rhymes with apartment? and video?
“Carter’s mother, Cindy McClellan, told Fox News her son was filming a music video at his apartment in Houston, Texas on Saturday when a gun in his pocket “went off and caught my son in the corner of his eye”.

He was a wonderful person, very loving and he loved our God very much,” Ms McClellan shared. “He had a Bible in his room, in the den, he had one in his truck. He gave to charities.”
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Why would you have a loaded gun in your pocket while in your own apartment?

I think those who carry for "self-defense" are overly paranoid (statistically nothing is going to happen to you if you don't live in a really dodgy area), but to carry in your abode is a bit over the top (IMO).

Another data point in the statistic that you are more likely to harmed by your own firearm than you are to use it in self-defense.
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One the other hand, Bibles can come in handy. Consider this story by Woody Allen:


Years ago, my mother gave me a bullet...a bullet, and I put it in my breast pocket. Two years after that, I was walking down the street, when a berserk evangelist heaved a Gideon bible out a hotel room window, hitting me in the chest. Bible would have gone through my heart if it wasn't for the bullet.

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Remember those stories about how the fire/tornado/end of the world did not damage a bible?

I was watching the Tampa Fire Department on Nightwatch and a minister's house burned. She sent firemen to look for her bible and they found it burned to a crisp. They went on to take up a collection and buy her another one.
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