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Just got in and wanted to get these notes down before I forgot the details.

Just played the Championship event at the Bicycle Casino - $2,500 buy in with $100 juice. 148 players, one hour rounds, $5,000 chips, blinds started at 25-25 at 4:15 p.m. Easter Sunday.

To start, it was going pretty slow. I edged up to $6,500 chips. Then, around the 2nd or 3d level, I got KK UTG and made a standard raise. Mr. Loose guy called. On the flop I hit a K and Mr. Loose bet all in. When I called, he showed Q-T offsuit, and no pairs, He brought me up to about $10,000 chips.

Not too much later, I again got KK and early position raised and I re-raised. he callled. On the flop I bet and he raised me all in and turned up AQo. I went to about 16,000 chips.

Not too later still, I had AK and made a raise and got called by a new player at the table. Flop came K 6 3. Opponent raised me all in. I callled and showed my AK. He showed 3-4 h He had a pair of 3's. He said, I put you on AQ. LOL.

Then, for the longest time, I didn't get much. Eased up to 33,000 then back down to 25,000. over the space of 3-4 hours.

When we were all in the money (they paid 18 places), I had about 35,000 chips. However, the blinds and antes were now arond 1000-2000 blinds and 300 antes. I was starting to get short-stacked at 14 handed ($5,550 payout for 12th through 14th). Mo, a good player at the table had twice made big all in moves and this time he made a 2.5 X raise. I looked at AQd on the button and moved all in. He called and turned up AA. DANG!!! I had him covered with a thousand extra chips.

Now, here is the interesting part - the best recovery I have ever made: On the next hand, after putting in my 300 ante, I had 700 left. Everyone checked around to John Pham. John raised and I called without even looking at my cards. I was getting good odds, 2100 antes, 700 from BB, 700 from SB, and 700 from John - a total of 4,200 to 700, or 6 to 1 odds. John showed an A and said he hadn't looked at his other card (a 6 unsuited). I turned my cards and saw T7s. I got a T on the flop and won the hand. Now I had 4,900 chips. Not quite on death's door but on a respirator.

Two hands later, I have A6o, there is one limper, and then folds to me. I go all in, and get called by the SB, the BB, and the limper. Oh shit I think. Then the flop comes 8-6-6. The SB and BB check and Limper raises all in. BB (with lotsa chips) calls him. They show: Limper = J8, BB = K8. I scoop the main pot with 4 x 4,300 chips plus 2100 antes, or 19,300.

A few hands later, with blinds now 2000 - 4000, and 500 antes, I get AA UTG. I make a less than standard raise and everyone folds to John Pham who calls. Flop is AAJ. Quads!!! I check and John bets 8000. I hesitate and check my cards and finally call. Turn is 6c making two clubs on board. I check, John checks. River is 8c, making 3clubs on board. I bet 10,000, still weak, and John calls. I add another 31,500 to my stack. I was back in the ball game.

We continued to lose players and got to the final table. There was one guy (Jay Johnson, I think) there with a short stack. Amazingly, he kept winning when he was all in and outlasted me. I didn't stick to find out where he came in.

I dwindled down in chips, and then won a couple hands in a row, and had about 65,000 chips. John Pham had around 200,000 and John Robert Carandan (prounced like french - "Row bear") had 180,000. Another guy about 100,000 then two short stacks and me. Prize was $144,000 for first, $72,000 for second, $36,000 for 3d, or something close to those numbers. $15,500 for 5th and $12,950 for 6th. I was playing to win.

Then my final hand came up. I was in the BB and 3d chip guy made a raise to 18,000 (blinds were 3000 - 6000 with 500 antes). I found AKo. With the pot already at 30,000, I was willing to take it right there and went all in, with a 51,000 raise. He thought and called and showed 99. I didn't hit the board and was eliminated. Had I won, I would have had 132,000 chips and would have been in position to challenge for 1st. All-in all, I think it was well worth the effort to go with the AK, even though I wouldn't usually do that, even though I could have outlasted two guys and won $6-7000 more. I wanted to go for the win.

All-in-all, an intersting (and long) night. I was knocked out at 5:30 a.m.

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