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TEHRAN – A professor of international business at the George Washington University says he thinks Joe Biden will restore the 2015 nuclear agreement (JCPOA) in order to make his former boss Barack Obama happy and strengthen ties with Europeans who feel “betrayed” by the United States.

However, Professor Hossein Askari says Biden will not remove sanctions on Iran all of a sudden and he will try to build on the sanctions that Donald Trump imposed on Iran.

“He will not remove the sanctions imposed by Trump in return for Iran destroying any excess enriched fuel that they have accumulated and addressing any other infraction after Trump’s withdrawal from the treaty,” Askari tells the Tehran Times.

What's the point, Iran won't agree to any additions to the agreement that stop its missile program. The agreement is about its nuclear program which it was complying with, until the chump tried to stop it from being able to defend itself and shot himself in the foot by leaving the club. If he thought the E3 would follow him he was sadly mistaken and it is Europe Iran will be able to reach with its missiles not the U.S. At this time Iran isn't and couldn't be, a threat to the U.S. You are fighting other countries battles, your money your blood, for what?

Who owns the USA, that is your problem.
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"in order to make his former boss Barack Obama happy"

This is such an inane thing to say that it inherently invalidates the remainder of the article.
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