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From the August 2008 Issue, Bill writes:

In the next month, I'm going to buy several Asian and Latin American stocks for my personal portfolio. I hope you'll join me in doing so, maybe by focusing on our "Best Buys Now" lists.

Seth Jayson issued a challenge at HG to do the almost the same, except in contest form and by limiting the purchases to 5 stocks. Maybe we should have a contest?

A week or so back, Bill commented on a post of mine on the MPEL board, about fighting my aggression about purchasing GG stocks. I had wondered somewhat about what he really meant. Should I be fighting the aggression? Or should I be buying as much as funds allow?

Now from his statement above, I know the answer I think. I, for one, am glad to see this optimism. My real interest of course will have to be on Bill's profile. I wonder how many of us (including those who won't admit it) will have his page linked as a favorite? ;)

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