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Hi all -

I noticed a post from Oct 2004 regarding an interview with Blackboard CEO Michael Chasen.

Wondering if the interview did take place and if so aired & when?

Thank you for your assist,
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Hi EBean-ie!

I'd also be curious to see the contents of that interview! It's rare that you & I get to mull over the same topic - but education is definitely the place we have the same philosophy & level of interest! :-) You've got my attention back on the boards with that post!!! (Despite my loony 40hr work week in the dusty abyss known as the back corner desk of the Web Development office!) :-)

As an admittedly nerdy college student, user of blackboard (and its competitors), and person very much involved in IT and 508 compliance in education -- my regret would be that I wasn't on top of things back in the fall to post a question to Mr. Chasen!

Sibling love :-*,
~Suzy G.B. :-)

~ I hope someone can find the transcript somewhere in fooldom for us! Many expressions of thanks to the fool who helps EBean & I on this information scavenger hunt!
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Yes, we did interview him for the show. Have you gone to and searched their archives? They have done a great job cataloguing and archiving all past segments on our show.

Fool on,

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David -

Thank you kindly for your response.
Sadly in trying to locate the segment - I have attempted & search did include going to the site...searching on Blackboard, and other related terms...but no luck. And to make sure I could come up with results for others I tried some known subjects like "CLIF" for the CLIF Bar CEO and did get results returned.

Anyways...I was just curious as to what was discussed if it's out there...but it's really just a casual inquiry and not meant to be a bother ;-)

Cheers & thanks,
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Heya Team,

I believe we conducted the interview but don't believe it ever aired unfortunately. My apologies for the confusion and thanks much for listening!

Steve Broido
Associate Producer
The Motley Fool Radio Show
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