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This is my first time purchasing into a premium service, (Blastoff 2020), after looking over the 10 "new" recommendations I'm a bit disappointed. All the recommendations are "old" ones that have been on other services before and just seem to be re-bundled and resold. What am I missing here?
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You've accessed your situation correctly and aren't missing out anything but the money you wasted on a "premium service". If TMF really had extraordinary expertise --rather than some lucky guesses with the winds of a bull market at their back-- they'd be trading for their own accounts and not preying on the financially naive.

But don't take my word for this. Benchmark their returns and see for yourself just how mediocre --and generally untimely-- they really are.

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Dave, when cream rises to the top, it gets caught up in a lot of filters. Just because a company is recommended in one service does not mean it is not an equally valid recommendation in a different service. BL2020 does not promise to recommend companies you've never heard of before - no Foolish premium service does. The question to ask is whether the reasoning provided for the recommendation by BL2020 makes sense to you and justifies your own investment in the company.

What I would suggest is that you post your questions to the BL2020 Community Boards:

Who is confident that the initial recommendations for BL2020 are not re-bundled but based on original analysis by the BL2020 team...

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Let me elaborate on Fuskie's comments.

Most of us are looking for long term investments. Good companies can continue to grow for years. Hence, they can be on the recommended list again and again.

There can be opportunities in young companies just starting out with a good idea. They tend to be more speculative. Hence, most of us like the first group and dip cautiously into the latter.
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