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Blink claims to be the largest owner-operator of EV charging stations. From what I see they have more charging stations than Tesla.

Last quarter they had 1.9m in revenues vs. 1.7 m m the yesr earlier.

It’s also basically a penny stock.

I have no real interest in this company but it seems to play into Tesla’s charging station moat theory as a differentiator as to why I should buy a Tesla instead of a Porsche Taycans because Porsche doesn’t have any chargers except at dealerships.
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I remember briefly looking at this.
I don't have any answers on the stock, but my thought process on what the future looks like is:

currently gas stations are pseudo convenience stores as we know.
If/when gas-powered vehicles become the minority, we will see those businesses threatened and they will have to adopt or a new wave of businesses may supplant them.

I think you still need the same footprint..meaning physical space for multiple cars in the lot around the "store". So the easiest path I see is these gas stations maybe removing half the gas pumps at first and adding 1-2 chargers and then slowly it becomes all chargers.

Or could Costcos and larger chains that offer gas also get into the mix? Probably. If we assume most EVs are initially higher-priced, therefore consumers with more disposable income, it would be smart to encourage those people to come to your businesses for their charging.

So as far as stock investing, will there be businesses like this that are the expert "contractors" that come in and design/outfit (retrofit?) existing gas stations over to charging stations? Do they maintain those charging facilities in terms of maintenance and repairs ala recurring service fees (a SaaS company, yo!)?

Interesting stuff and I look forward to seeing how it all plays out.

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Here is another company that has charging stations: Charegpoint

Looks like it is not a publicly traded company.

Map of locations (which includes Blink and Tesla Superchargers as well):

Disclosure: Short TSLA
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The bulk of Blink stations are level 2, a far cry from a supercharger. They are starting to deploy some higher level chargers, but there aren't many of those and they are ChaDeMo.
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