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My acct got hacked a couple weeks back. Since then I've been struggling with issues where I consistently had it locked. The following conversation happened... (more commentary at the end of this, and all the Blizz responses are form letters)

10/23/12, Chris:
I haven't logged into my DIII acct for probably two months now. Today I received an email which is clearly meant to look like it's from Blizzard, saying my acct looks like it's being sold and is locked. The originating email address is:
There is a CC email address:
I'm not affiliated with either and can't say with certainty either is the bad guy. My own email was hacked and used maliciously a few months ago. I suspect these people did something to get my acct locked with Blizz, then sent me this email in an attempt to phish my information. They put a web link in the email which appears to direct the user to a login, but in reality redirects here: which is a China site. I've reset my Blizz password, but please advise how else I should act to handle this.

10/23/12, Blizzard:
Hey there,

Thank you for taking time to alert me of the notice you have received. I can assure you that Blizzard will never send an email asking for your account information, nor will we threaten to stop your account if you do not log into a website and submit this information.

From your ticket, it sounds like you have been receiving what are known as 'Phishing' attempts to gain access to your account. Phishing are what Scamers will do to gain access to player accounts and strip their accounts of gold and items. Please do not be fooled by these attempts!

You can check out our Support website regarding more information about Phishing attemps ( and how to spot them and protect against them!

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let us know. You can delete the message you were sent, since I was able to confirm it was not from us.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us again. you can reply to this ticket by pressing "Need More Help" (if you're reading this in-game) or "Reply" (if reading this on <>) so a Game Master may continue to assist you with your issue.

Game Master Gwynthiel
Blizzard Entertainment

11/06/12, Chris:
I've had to change/reset my password four times since I submitted this. What is going on with my account???

11/06/12, Blizzard:

Thank you for contacting Blizzard Customer Support regarding your account. We will check all of the other game accounts on the account as well, but there is an additional step for addressing the Diablo III account.

We use automatically stored save points to roll compromised Diablo III accounts back to their pre-compromise state. Save points are regularly updated, but they will not be totally current when a compromise occurs. Because of this, progress gained on the account since the save point was made, including all progress (such as items, gold, or newly created heroes) since the potential compromise, will be permanently lost when we roll an account back. We cannot adjust the automatic rollbacks in any way, or restore any progress lost as the result of a rollback.

Each Diablo III account is limited to two rollbacks. We require your approval to use one before we can investigate this issue further. If you would like us to investigate the compromise and roll your account back (if possible), please respond to this ticket and clearly state "please use one of my two rollbacks, if possible". Do not play on the account after approving a rollback. Any progress gained before the account is rolled back will be permanently lost.

If you do not respond, we will not roll your account back.

Note: After we roll an account back, that account's access to the Diablo III Real Money Auction House will be restricted until an authenticator is attached. If the account is compromised a second time, access to the Diablo III Real Money Auction House will be revoked.

Account security is critically important. For more information, as well as tips to help protect your account, see the Compromised Diablo III Account support article (

Thank you again for contacting us. We appreciate your continued interest in Diablo III.


Blizzard Entertainment

11/06/12, Chris:
I'm not concerned with rolling back my account. I'm concerned with why my account keeps getting locked and I constantly have to reset my password?

Do you have any idea how frustrating this is? I've loved the SC and Diablo series for years, and now you have an always online model which is now creating tons of problems for me, and every time I ask about it I get form responses. You understand this makes me not want to buy your games anymore?

11/06/12, Blizzard:
Hey there, NAME !

Thanks for contacting us about the account locks you've experienced.

Those locks are part of a security system we have in place to help protect your account from unauthorized access by locking it down if an unrecognized computer or internet connection attempts to log in. You should be able to minimize the need for those lockouts by adding a authenticator (either the free cellphone app-based versions or the keychain-style authenticators offered in our online store for $6.50 USD), since those authenticators offer the highest level of security out of all the options we offer. You can find out more about those options in these articles on our support site:

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to let us know!

Thanks again for contacting us and best of luck on all your adventures in Azeroth, Sanctuary, or wherever your battles may take you!


Game Master Erullis
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

11/06/12, Chris:
Is that a serious response? What's it take to get someone to ACTUALLY read what I'm writing?



The real bite in the ass has to be the fact that I ask for something other than a form letter, and in that response they put Hey there, NAME.

Their games may be great (well, SC was, but Diablo was mediocre), but the games themselves are only a part of the experience. They've brought that on themselves though by forcing the online-only model, which means now it's not just the game we're evaluating, it's how they respond to issues with the always online model.

Right now I'm frankly just sick of it. I hate the always online model, and this customer service is frankly abysmal. I can't see myself buying any more Blizz games or spending any more money on Blizz products. This is a pretty big deal for me, as the Starcraft series is the series I've spent the most time playing by an exceptionally wide margin (I would guess I've probably played SC/BW/SC2 as much as the combined top three other series I've played), and I've been a big player in the Diablo and Warcraft series. I'm not really sure how much money I've spent on Blizz products over the years, but it's a lot. But unless they turn things around dramatically, my purchase of DIII is the last dollar I've spent with them.

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