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I do not want to restrict much on this board, but I would like to ask one favor. If you feel comfortable, identify if you have diabetes, what type, and for how long. If you are living with soemone who has diabetes, please consider providing the information for them. I believe one of the benefits of a board like this is the comfort of shared experience. If you feel the information is too personal, don't worry about it. Just post what you want.
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I am a Type II diabetic, age almost 45yo, who was diagnosed last year, although it is suspected that I've had it for upwards of five years. I have been a hypoglycemic since my 20s. Although I have been prescribed a couple drugs, I refuse to take them, because they leave me mentally deficient. I cannot concentrate enough at work to work. I am relying instead on my diet and supplement program. I have a family history of diabetes, so it was practically inevitable for me. I am also obese.
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I am a Type II diabetic who was doing very well on an oral med. (Avandia) until I had a case of pancreatitis (infection of the pancreas) that came out of nowhere. I'm not a drinker (often associated with pancreas problems) or a smoker, or overeater, etc.

Now, I take 4 insulin shots a day (one before each meal, Novolog, short term duration) and Lantus at bedtime which is a long lasting insulin. I feel like a pin cushion sometimes.

I usually only get up once a night and use tight control on my carbs. I limit myself to about 40 carbs per day. Every once in a while I will have an "insulin reaction", a precipitous drop in blood sugar, and eat a couple of glucose tablets. I have a family history on both sides of diabetes so come by it with a genetic predisposition for the disease. Unfortunately, this is a progressive disease which has caused neuropathy in my feet, especially toes. I also have my vision checked regularly by an opthalmologist to check for bleeding which can lead to blindness; but so far so good.

Good Health to All,


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