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... Boeing-approved pilot safety training on the B737 MAX consisted of 45 minutes with an iPad.

737 Max maker Boeing spent more than $753,000 on candidates, political organizations last month: FEC report


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Come on intercst, next you'll be saying pharmaceutical corporations are spending more on marketing than research!
Oliver also mentioned that nine out of 10 big pharmaceutical companies spend more on marketing than on research.

Never mind. ;>)
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Let's consider relative levels of responsibility and societal damage in this country:

1 Boeing ---- the #1 exporter of products from the United States, employing hundreds of thousands of people in family wage jobs directly and indirectly.

Let's suppose that Boeing could have improved it's safety methodology on the 737 Max, and played some role in the crash of two planes.

2. United States colleges and universities ---- providing beneficial educations indispensable for this society. At the expense of academic standards that increasingly allow marginally and poorly prepared students entry into institutions where they will fail, and cost themselves, families and society billions of dollars a year in losses of various kinds.

Hundreds or perhaps thousands of overwhelmed students commit suicide each year.

3. PEOPLE: The wealthy liberals love to hate pay a disproportionate amount of Federal taxes, provide the most valuable skills to society and provide the strongest social support for society.

The poor form a class at the bottom who can't support themselves and raise children who are far more likely than others to be social failures and graduate into the criminal and drug using classes. By and large, they don't have a clue as to how to live a good life or to be responsible members of society.

My liberal friends just LOVE ANY excuse to rage on the "job creator" class, that does happen to provide most of the jobs others in society depend upon. I think you hate and antagonism are misplaced, and I'm glad to support Donald Trump as President because he is willing to call you guys out for your hateful calumnies.

Seattle Pioneer
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One is viewed as an investment in the future, the other is a cost to be minimized. I think we know which is which.
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