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>>Anyone have any thoughts on how the Oracle can predict so much of what happens, so far into the future? It's one thing for the Matrix to "control" the lives of the people plugged into it; it's something else to control who a person falls in love with.<<

I too am holding onto the glimmer of hope that Zion itself is not just another construct, separate from the Matrix but still virtual. It would be, in my view, the most unoriginal explanation for what has for me been an engrossing alternate reality.

Regarding the Oracle, there are other explanations:

1. Slashdot ran an interesting thread on the computing power that it would take to run something like the complexity of the matrix ( But suppose the machines had managed to build a better mousetrap... How much computation power would it take for a computer program to work out the probability of Trinity falling in love with Neo? Particularly in light of 2. and 3. below. What's more, when they're in the matrix, they are susceptible to subliminal control by the Oracle. She could make them fall for each other in the matrix, which would then have residual effects outside it. Like having a hot dream about someone you work with can alter the way you deal with them in real life. Or is that just me?

2. The Oracle may have prophesied them falling in love with one another, but the very fact of that prophecy may have made that love more likely. See, both Neo and Trinity are like new-born babes when they first emerge from the matrix - hell, anyone would be. Their minds are each a tabula rasa, so when Morpheus tells them to believe in the Oracle, they do. They trust Morpheus' opinion as children trust the opinions of their fathers. Arguably, Morpheus *is* their father, and I don't mean in the Empire Strikes Back sense, either - they owe their (re-)births to him. So the Oracle says to Trinity - "The man you fall in love with, he's 'The One'". When Neo does all this amazing stuff (10 hours straight learning martial arts, kicking Morpheus' ass in the dojo). Combined with Morpheus telling her that Neo's the One and the frankly impossible helicopter rescue sealing the deal, Trinity's thinking to herself "Hmmm, he's demonstrating One-like capabilities. Maybe he's the guy I should be falling in love with." As for Neo, the Oracle told him exactly what he needed to hear to show off his "One" capabilities, peacock-like, to Trinity and Morpheus.

3. It doesn't take a genius to work out that Trinity and Neo were going to get together. She's cute, he's cute, they have so much in common (affinity for dressing in black, opening cans of kung-fu-in-yo-ass on various baddies). Plus Neo doesn't have much by way of competition. Cypher? Dead and ugly. Mouse? Dead and wimpy. Bane? In a coma, ugly and his brain's been taken over by a virus. Morpheus? Ugly and still in love with Niobe. The acolyte? Puh-leeze.

Alex 146:

>>If Zion and the "free" humans are in the Matrix what is the point of having robots and agents to hunt them down and kill them, why not just 'unplug' them and let them die?<<

I don't think they are still in the Matrix, but let's assume you're right. If they simply unplugged the humans, wouldn't the 24 beings (plus Neo) who have to stay behind to rebuild Zion work out that it's just another construct and therefore be disincentivised to continue the rebuilding process?


>>Maybe there's more than just 1%, and therefore it's for economic reasons that they don't unplug them?<<

The Architect has already said they'd be willing to put up with a lower level of survival. Are you suggesting that we don't trust anything he says?! I'm shocked.

Now a couple more questions for you guys, as I too re-watched The Matrix recently. In it, Morpheus refers to the first man who worked out that the matrix existed and that it could be controlled and rebuilt (see the scene where he apologises to Neo for breaking the rule that you never free someone beyond a certain age). Ever since his death, people had prophesied his resurrection (which is where Neo is supposed to come in).

Does anyone else think the man he's talking about is the Merovingian? Look at the evidence - he's a lot older than everyone/thing else (quoth the Oracle), and he used to be like Neo when they first moved "there" (quoth Persephone, presumably referring to exile). My theory is that he re-inserted himself into the matrix so that he could exile himself and, from within the Matrix, control access to the Keymaster whose very existence threatens Zion. By protecting the Keymaster, and preventing access to him by succeeding generations of the One, he perpetuates Zion. When Neo dispatches his henchmen, the Merovingian tells him to return to the Oracle with the message that "her time is over", i.e. he will eliminate her and thereby prevent further "Ones" from threatening Zion. Any thoughts?

There was another question, but it's slipped my mind.

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