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Time to fire up the bore port again. It was a lot of fun to follow and super educational back in the late 90s.

I'll track it.

I think it will be wicked boring and the goal will be to hold 6 names plus or minus 1 or 2. No more than 10. The goal will be know thy company well -- no diversification -- strictly business.

With that -- I've got a system that I've not used in practice but have a working knowledge of to screen numbers. We can also use Greenblatt's old stock market genius book to get fresh ideas.

If anyone wants to join in -- great.

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Ok -- so I have some work to do. I want to have some continuity with the past (not necessarily to be politically correct -- but history is history).

When looking at thestamper's FAQ I was doing some more digging and found the mother lode:

Boring Portfolio
1996 Archives

This also has links to the years 1997,1998,1999,and 2000.

With that I think we should be able to redo or revise or remake the Boring FAQ

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Ok -- other things that I've wanted to do and will be able to do that with this project.

Take some of the concepts of Joel Greenblatt -- pre-magic formula. There is a long/slightly confusing/redundant set of notes that were taking from Mr. Greenblatt's securities course. I believe these will be very helpful in our educational travels.

A fellow TMFer here has posted them. I think its a great reference and would urge anyone interested in analysis to have a look. [One of my goals will be to re-write the notes in a more concise manner.]

Interesting the blend between Greenblatt's later "magic formula" versus his more concentrated portfolio -- which was the basis for "You Can Be a Stock Market Genius". I believe we can use it as a source for finding ideas.

I also think the numbers and concepts will help better solidify the process of valuation/quality that was missing from the original Bore Portfolio strategy and more in line with Dale and Alex's redo of the port in 1998.

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So another reference that was popular several years back but we should have a link to is the EVA framework, which is something that ties in to both Greenblatt as well as Wettlaufer.

Again from a fellow TMFer:

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