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Hey folks,

In tonight's report, I briefly mentioned and linked to today's StockTalk with's Mark Cuban, but I'm just now reading it, and it's awesome! This is a must-read for anyone interested in Yahoo! or the direction of the Internet.

Here's a blurb from the interview that struck me as especially interesting:

We're in a digital world, and in a digital world, bits are bits. What's happening is that we're going through this period I call defragmentation of media. In an analog world -- TV is one analog form, radio is another analog form, VHS is another analog form -- but all those different media forms are defragmenting into just digital form. So what was TV and now HDTV or digital television, radios going CD-digital radio, VHS going DVD, they can all be represented by bits. Now once you're at that point where it's all digital, then they all start squishing together -- music, audio, video, everything starts becoming one format, and I think the Net enables that far better than anything in prior history. There's no limit to how many of those bits you can distribute and how those people can receive them. ....

It's going to change the way we know media. Just like silent films ran into talkies, and radio ran into TV, and TV ran into VHS, and etc., etc., the rate of change is not going to slow down, it's going to accelerate, and there will be all kinds of really interesting, exciting things to come down the pipe. And the Internet and and Yahoo! are very well-positioned to leverage them, whereas traditional media are going to find it a lot more difficult.

Some of you techies probably yawn at this stuff, but for a non-techie like me, this is very interesting.

Here's the link to the full interview:

Fool on Fools,
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