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Some pretty birds that I hadn’t seen before were in the back yard the last few days. I finally took the time to look them up. Brown thrashers appear a little bland in pictures, but are very pretty in person.

ThyPeace, becoming her mother.
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Spotted chest...I think I’ve seen them around here....

I have a House Wren with a nest under my looks like a House Wren...the brown birds kind of blur for me and have to look them up all the time.

Last year, a Nuthatch built a next in the same place. i felt like a proud momma when the last one finally left the was all I look at all day, poor little thing was nervous and the parents were demonstrating what to do...and he/she did. Amazing little creatures.

I’m seeing a few Robins eggs(empty) in the yard. It’s baby time.

Lucky Dog
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I have two robins nests. One over my front door and the other over my patio under my deck.

That back one has hatched two sets of chicks and they have flown off. They are not there long. Maybe 3 weeks to hatch and 3 weeks to fly. Front one hatched at least one set. Flew recently. Not sure about earlier.

Both moma and papa robin are busy feeding them after they hatch. If I'm quiet they will let me watch feeding time. But moma can get very upset if you get too close to the nest.
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