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I have been a lurker for a few weeks now, and I am slightly familiar with the SI GG site as well.
I am not agitated, by any means, with your response, but I did want to express some of my concerns with your response.


That is what I, or any investor, needs when making his or her investment decisions.

Where do I get this information?

If I goto the company I not encounter a large potential for bias, in favor of the company?

If I goto the I not encounter a similar potential for bias, in the negative in these cases?

If I goto respected financial institutions and use their information, or opinions (strong buy, lukewarm buy, fair-weather day buy) I not risk the chance of receiving information from a biased, invested, institution?

If I goto the newswires for the latest news...who puts out those reports? Usually the company itself, or "expert fund managers" or "leading financial institutions".

I could go on and on.
My point is simply this...I read this mssg boards for information, much like anyone else.

If the GG was so complete, in and of itself, that no investors would ever have questions for another, and that all investments (after understanding the book) fell into black or white categories...why would at least two message boards exist at all?

It is frustrating to a newer investor, like myself, to be told to get all the answers first, and then come back to the discussion.

If I already had all the answers, why would I need to discuss it with anyone?

One semester in college, an older faculty member asked me if I wanted to play racquetball.
I did not know how, and had never played before.
He put up with a couple weeks of lousy (and boring, I am sure) matches.
Then...I started to get really good.
By the end of the semester, I beat most of the experienced players as often as I lost to them.

This never would have happened had I been told to "get good at it first and then come back and I will play with you."

Anyone who has ever been involved in any kind of competition, whether it be physical, like sports, or mental, like chess, knows that you gain expertise faster by competing (and learning from) those more experienced than yourself.

I could have spent time hitting the ball against the back wall by myself for hours, but it would not have been indicative of how to hit "winners" in live competition.

Odds are, that if I look into any company with unexperienced research skills, then that company will probably have statistics that either look overly bullish or bearish to me, as I am new to the whole experience.

I am not asking anyone to hold my hand here, in fact, I do not expect you to feel you have to reply in anyway shape or form.

But for those who know the companies that I was referring to...perhaps you would like to share your opinion, or analysis, of why they are still good investments, or if they should be shunned.

For those of you too busy, or too annoyed at newbie questions, just do not reply. I completely understand that your time is valuable.

Specifically, in your response, you listed several of the companies and their % drops in relation to the Nasdaq.
But what was the point you were trying to make?
Cryptic replies are probably worse than no replies, IMHO.
I am sure that you do not mean that I should not invest in a company whose market cap is under 150 billion, as I know you have revealed that you have invested in stocks before they are truly growing hairy knuckles (like RBAK or LHSP).

I am busy with life in general, just as you all are, and appreciate any time you take to spread the wisdom you have learned in your experiences.

My finger is not on the buy/sell trigger, as I read your responses.
But I do not think it is naive of me to check in on this board for news or info that I was unable to find elsewhere.

Have serious concerns arisen about the company's business plan?
Are there new competitors on the horizon?
It is answers to questions like these which I was seeking.

If you were troubled by the labeling of gorilla and king, I have gotten these labels from many of your posts.

BRCD only came to my attention when you labeled it to be in a gorilla game in post #1677:

The stocks from your second list that I see in a gorilla game include, but are not limited ot Rambus, i2, Echelon, Citrix and Brocade.

I did not see any detailed analysis from you, as to why these 5 stocks were in gorilla games...but I also gave you the benefit of the doubt of having good reason to say so.

If it is against the grain, on this board, to ask opinions about frequently talked about stocks...would it not also seem that labeling stocks, as you did, without providing reasons for those labels, should be prohibited as well?

Of course I do not wish you to stop labeling stocks, nor does anyone else who follows these boards wish that. Of that I am certain.

I would just like it if someone would play a couple of games of racquetball with the new guy...



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