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Organizers of the “Save America” rally where former President Donald Trump spoke before the Capitol riot on Jan. 6 allegedly used burner phones to communicate with White House and Trump campaign officials, including the president’s son Eric, Rolling Stone reported Tuesday.

Kylie Kremer—a co-founder of Women for America First and a leader of the March for Trump group, which planned the rally at the Ellipse near the White House—reportedly told an aide to pick up three burner phones and said it was “of the utmost importance” that they were paid for using cash, according to Rolling Stone. Kylie and her mom Amy Kremer took two of the phones, but it’s unknown who the third phone was for, according to Rolling Stone.

The Kremers reportedly used the phones to communicate with then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, Eric Trump, and his wife, Lara, among others.
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Back when TMF couldn't handle long URLs and few sites had paywalls, tinyURL was useful. But now it's a problem! How do I know if your link will cause me to use up one of the few free articles someplace? I need to know where the URKL goes, else I do not click it. So......not clicking your link.
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Yeah I just don't get tiny URL. At least on TMF. It is definitely more effort:

* You have to go to another site (tinyurl dot com)
* You have to enter the full original URL on that site. Typically I believe people would do a C&P (as
opposed to typing in the long URL).
* You have to generate the small url on that site.
* You have to put the tiny url in the post.
* TMF truncates long urls in a post but the link is still the whole url and goes to the link

If one does the second step (C&P) & post the original url in a post or reply, you're done and people will follow ones links more. If that is what one wants, or are offering to people & one WANTs them to know the information from the small link, why not reduce ones posting efforts by at least 80% and still provide the same info (link):

Aside from just shortening the url, what advantage does a tiny url provide? Maybe they're OK for SMS texting? But here, not so much...

PS: Their site also wants you to sign up for an account (but does look to be able to generate the small url without registering for free), or sign up for a premium type account for $$).
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