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As I was watching Fox News last night, I caught a story on George W. Bush and his resolve to keep the trade embargo on Cuba. According to The Washington Post “He described the policy as an all-or-nothing matter, saying "full normalization of relations with Cuba -- diplomatic recognition, open trade and a robust aid program -- will only be possible when Cuba has a new government that is fully democratic."

That all sounds great to me. I couldn't agree more with that decision. So what is my remonstrance?

The problem is the dichotomy between that statement regarding Cuban trade policy and Bush's earnest presentation of reasons for why he was to grant communist CHINA Most Favored Nations AND Permanent Normal Trading Relations status.

The contradiction is so flagrant that it reeks. One can only hope and pray that it is a lack of discernment as opposed to blatant hypocrisy.

For example, the case was lain out very clearly before the primary election of 2000. I recall when G.W. Bush fervently called for more free trade with China on the grounds that 'the more the people of China get a taste of capitalism through trade, the more they will demand freedom'. I remember how angered I was at the naivety of those who believe that you can just “trade” a nation out of communism. Wow, it's a wonder that we had a cold war. Instead of building nukes, we should have just been trading more with Russia. Think of all the money we could have saved instead of wasting it on our national defense.

It truly is naive and overly prosaic to make such a ridiculous assertion, but it is an assertion that many, if not most of our representatives and chief economists seem to embrace.

To expatiate further, lets make a comparison of the two communist nations:

We have this tiny, barely significant Island of Cuba with its ageing tyrant Fidel Castro who looks like he has one foot in the grave.

On the other hand we have the massive Communist nation of China with the worlds largest population of nearly a billion and a rather large military to coincide. This nation's ignominious dictator actually massacred his own people in Tienemen Square for protesting their government. This dictator is responsible for imprisoning, torturing and even killing his people for worshipping Jesus Christ in “underground churches”. According to a congressional report last year by the House Ethics Committee, The People's Republic Has Long Been Suspected of Selling Organs From Prisoners. Worse than that, they suspect the proceeds are financing China's military. This Communist nation, with the help of Bill Clinton and Bernie Schwartz also has the nuclear capability to hit the United States.

Here is the kicker folks.

President Bush, in defense of his stance against lifting the embargo on little Communist Cuba contends, "Without major steps by Cuba to open up its political system and its economic system, trade with Cuba will not help the Cuban people, it will merely enrich Castro and his cronies and prop up their dictatorship,"

Wow! That is exactly what I proclaimed when I was about to throw my shoe through the television set as I watched this same person tell us how free trade was going to essentially liberate the Communist Chinese!!!!!!!

It's only COMMON SENSE that trading with communist regimes – LIKE CHINA, will mostly STRENGTHEN the COMMUNIST REGIME. There is indeed a REASON why they call it COMMUNISM! In the Communist system, MOST of the money is directly or indirectly TAKEN from the people.

We can trade all we want with the cronies in China, but all it's going to do is further finance China's evil agenda. China in my book is the "lead dog" on the “axis of evil”. Not only is “free trade” going to finance communism, we are also going to give them leverage that will eventually put us at their mercy. The reason is because American businesses, which now covet that potential market, in the aggregate are going to have to increase capacity by investing trillions of dollars to be able to meet the enormous demand of a billion people. Once they have the capacity, our economy will be at their mercy. China can hold that trade over our heads to get what they want because if they were to cut us off, the loss of earnings, which will be necessary to offset the prodigious investment, would be DEVESTATING to our stock market, our jobs and our overall economy.

Trade with China is nothing more than fool's gold. This is one case where big business truly does have the majority of our politicos in their pockets. I believe that placating China with MFN and Permanent Normal Trading Status in my belief is the most egregious blunder of our times

I am a Conservative before I am a Republican and because of that important distinction I must bring attention to a gross contradiction made by our President yesterday. I write this not out of acrimony toward President Bush, for whom I voted in 2000. I write this because it is my prayer that he will come to recognize the hypocrisy of his statement regarding trade with Cuba when compared with China.

If it were something petty, I wouldn't bother to write this; however, there seems to be an obvious lack of acuteness among the majority of our leaders in Washington. Such lack of discernment is a monumental threat to our sovereignty as a nation.

This is not a partisan problem as the majority of our leaders; both Democrat and Republican seem to be blind on this common sense issue. Economic growth is important to our economy, but not if it requires us to sell out our security, sovereignty and our souls to obtain it. There is a way to obtain growth besides finding more people to sell to; it's an awesome kind of growth that improves the lives of a nation's citizenry. It is known as growth by innovation. By the growth and innovation of the American people, we can grow our economy substantially, even if the number of consumers remain the same, by inventing new technology and new products to sell. That is what made our economy great.

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