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But wait, there is more! Act now and receive...

Threats, lies, and propaganda -- The real global warming agenda:

Al Gore's desperate fear of exposure of the weak foundations of his alarmism: how he cancels interviews when his handlers cannot control the questioning in advance and bars the media from his talks

How the alarmist industry engages in outright efforts to censor those who dare disagree with its tenets or agenda -- including impediments placed in the path of climate realists to speak, participate, and even to publish

How there is no such thing as "global temperature" or even "U.S. temperature," but only weighted averages from adjusted readings from many different measuring stations (which means that if you place your measuring equipment in the wrong places, you could help start a global warming panic!)

The implicit and sometimes explicit threat of retaliation experienced by academics and government employees at the hands of global warming fanatics

How the Leftist-controlled media breathlessly tout any occurrence -- no matter how tenuously connected to the weather -- as the result of manmade global warming

How Ivy League institutions hire pressure group activists and offer them academic prestige to continue their fanatical activism under the cloak of academic objectivity

Al Gore's co-producer Laurie David: How she followed their utterly disingenuous and on occasion dishonest film with a book aimed at children -- and why global warming alarmists in general focus so much of their labors on winning over children to their cause

The noted environmentalist who declared: "Global warming -- at least the modern nightmare version -- is a myth"

How global warming materials distributed in schools routinely list numerous negative consequences of the phenomenon, but fail to mention any of the real-world benefits of temperature rise experienced in the past 100 years -- including increasing crop yields, forest expansion, and desert shrinkage

The common global warming advocates' smokescreen by accusing global warming dissenters of scientific bias arising from the sources of their funding

The British Royal Society: The efforts of this venerable institution to push the global warming agenda by censoring and bullying dissent -- that efforts were merely an escalation of its running campaign to intimidate scientists from speaking out over "warming"

The thoughtful and courageous researcher who broke with the High Church of Climate Alarmism, detailing the weaknesses of a creed that insists that industrially produced carbon dioxide -- produced in massively greater quantities by Mother Nature than by humans -- is the primary driver of climate change

The dishonest ways in which global warming advocates explain away the mountains of data that don't fit their theories

How global warming fanatics actually go so far as to equate dissenters from global warming alarmism with Holocaust deniers

The strange paradox of the alarm over "global warming": Its adherents find it a worthy enough cause to justify threats, intimidation, and vilification of their opponents, but not a big enough deal to accept, say, nuclear power (no CO2) replacing coal-fired electricity

A new tack in global warming alarmist name-calling: The recent practice of calling climate rationalists "tobacco scientists"

Why global warming represents a gravy train for the scientific establishment unlike any other in history -- with federal taxpayer expenditures on climate-related research now pushing $6 billion per year

The UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: impartial? Hardly: How it's staffed by vested interests -- including global warming pressure-group activists
Shocking, frank, and illuminating, Red Hot Lies explodes as many myths as Al Gore promotes.

Simply amazing how a population of idiots can ruin a country. Can you believe Al Gore almost became President? But wait, there's more... we now have Obama.
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