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But you have often come on here and talked about how "easy" teaching is (in your mind) and how easy teachers have it and, "Why don't the teachers just do THIS?" That's why I say I'd like to see you in a classroom.

This is a reasonable statement and I accept it. I have offered some naive ideas, but not condescendingly or maliciously (not that you say that). Acme indicates my ideas may be out of "ignorance" in next post. I am not a teacher, so am ignorant to that extent. Most teachers don't work in a merit based system, so they are "ignorant" to how that works.
I do try to teach and mentor newer employees, and while not nearly the same as teaching kids, I do have to deal with a variety of learning styles, skill levels, motivation levels and intelligent levels, so have to deal with a tiny bit.

I believe we need huge changes to the system, it is broken. In poor systems like here in DC the administration has been horrible, among many other things wrong (Spend more per student than anywhere in US and get nothing for it). I believe teachers should receive great support with classroom technology and supplemental training. My company offers cash rewards for obtaining certain certifications. This is good, but tiny way to help teachers. I believe a students should be in groups best suited to their needs so that teachers don't have to spend excessive time on one "slow" student at the expense of all the others. You had a student that was unreachable and unteachable (for your class level), the system should not burden you with that. The system should be able to evaluate students at no more than every 2 weeks and use computers to find trends and problem spots. Does the whole class fail to understand a concept, or do a couple students need a little help to catch up?

I truly hope that I have never attacked anyone personally. I have a strong desire that ALL our kids get a great education and help make this country greater and, sure, help pay my social security when I retire ;-)

I want to have constructive conversations and debates, but you can tell I have strong opinions, but I am willing to listen to and debate and maybe believe factual and reasonable alternatives.

I started a thread on evaluation. I ask kindly that you help contribute good ideas, that you as a teacher think can help better reward good teachers and better fix or replace subpar teachers.

Thanks, and all the best in your life and teaching endeavors.


P.S. this will sound odd, but I have actually learned a lot about dogs and life and kids from the Dog Whisperer, and that makes me optimistic and naive about some solutions I might offer. I have had dogs for about 20 years now, and they we mostly well behaved. But when I started watching the DG, I learned a lot about consistency, setting boundaries, being the alpha dog, etc. My dogs became much better behaved because of little things I realized I was or was not doing. I see him walk into a situation of chaos and you can see the the family is also in chaos. No natural leader, kids also not disciplined. By the end of the show, the grown ups realize that it is ok to set boundaries for their dog, and how the dog actually needs that and appreciates it. I have seen where the kids have learned from this and the parents actually also have better control over their whole family life. (No I am not saying kids are just like dogs)

So yes, sometimes I naively think a that a teacher "just needs to be the alpha and take control". I get fooled by those movies based on real-life events where and ex-marine comes in to an inner city school and takes control and instills discipline and turns the kids into successful students. I get hope when someone "Stands and Delivers".

I have spent crazy hours on this board tonight. Not to bash anyone. Not to hate anyone. But because I am passionate about educating kids. I don't know why, can't explain it. Perhaps because education has made my life great. When I watch tv these days and see people burn the American flag, it does not rile me up or empassion me. This does.
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