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I would like to take a few moments of theTMFOverlord's time to plug the nomination of my good pal butterbean, for the 2003 Feste Award.

butterbean has been a member in good standing here at TMF since January 7, 1998. He has no real name, lives no where, has no job, and employs no particular investing style. He has attended no school, never read a book nor listened to any music. There is no one he'd care to meet, he neither enjoys nor follows any sport or team, and there is no place he'd prefer to vacate to from his no where home. He has faved no one. He has made no posts, and no one loves him.

In short, butterbean epitomizes the anonymity of the Internet, and I feel makes the perfect choice for this years Feste Award. Although he is never there to help, offer words of wisdom or advice, nor educate, amuse, or enrich, neither is he a troll, trouble maker, or sayer of any unkind or harsh words. In fact, no one can argue, that butterbean has shown restraint year after year, never taking the bait, never letting his emotions get the best of him, and never causing disruption nor problems for the TMF staff or fellow posters.

To finish, I would like to quote butterbean's personal quote, something we can all learn from, take heart in, and help us raise above our frail, imperfect human forms.

" "

Ladies and gentlemen of TMF, I give you.......butterbean!!!!!!

Respectfully submitted,

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Butterbean is the Marcel Marceau of TMF and, last heard of (har har I made a pun) was in a major US recreational area annoying tourists. There was a rumor that he is deceased – shot by a gun with a silencer – but if a mime falls in the forest and makes no sound did the mime fall at all?

One facet of butterbean is his/her sheer diplomacy and acquiescence: never took sides in the pay-for-posting debate and said not a word about the limitation of recs. And, to his credit, not one – repeat, not one – of his posts have been removed by TMFTwitty. Even the mild-mannered me cannot make that claim. I once lost it in a discussion of the Hoover Damn and Twitty removed it for obscured obscenity.

Butterbean for The Feste? Alas, I don't think so for all of his/her attributes.

The Interview that Never Was XXXXX

MichaelRead interviews butterbean

MichaelRead: “So, butterbean, what do you have to say for yourself?”

butterbean: “ .”

MichaelR: “Can you expound on that?”

bb: “ !”

Nah, wouldn't work.

How can you give someone the last word when they won't even take the first as if they're taking The Fifth?


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