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Can please add "Buy and Sell Alerts" to SMS?

"Buy and Sell Alerts" is presently only available in email. The issue with email is that receive hundreds each day and, while it's easy to create an email filter specifically for "Buy and Sell Alerts", am still at the mercy of email servers, which are hit (fast) or miss (far too often slow).

Since SMS is dependent on phone service, SMS for all intents and purposes is instantaneous when compared to email. If can add "Buy and Sell Alerts" to SMS, Fool would provide it's members with a jumpstart to get ahead of other (i.e. competing) market movers.
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For Rule Breakers and Stock Advisor members, you can already set your communications settings to receive SMS alerts to remind you that new recommendations have been released.

There is always going to be a bump after a new recommendation. In fact, over the years, SA and RB have played around with different release times but there is always going to be a number of members who jump on the new Recs blindly, without bothering to read beyond the name of the company or the ticker symbol. These members are trying to time the market by beating everyone else to the punch and I think it's a foolish way to invest.

TMF certainly does not encourage this approach but is not in a position to prevent it. My advice to you is to not worry about any bump. The price usually falls back to planet earth after a few days or weeks. Instead, I would encourage Fools to take the time to read the coverage article, join the company's premium board discussion and to try to better understand the company's business, management and growth potential before making their own investment decision.

In fact, there's a reason why neither RB nor SA offer buy-around pricing, because for long term buy-and-hold investors, neither the purchase price nor the purchase date are nearly as important as how long the position is held or the price at which it is sold. When you make a well-researched investment in a quality company, in 3-5 years or more, you probably won't even remember what was your purchase price. That's certainly been my experience.

Who notes SMS alerts are not instantaneous and still take a few minutes to run through the list.

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