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Hurricanes hurt them some but SSS down excluding Hurricanes.

It seems restaurants are down all over. Are people shifting to Blue Apron or carry out? Are there more and better mom and pop shops opening up? Seems to be the case where I live. Lots of new, good, solid restaurants with better ambiance, food and drink at comparable, if a little higher, prices. That said, many of them close around year 10 with the chef starting a new one not far away.

Cheesecake Factory has a crappy bar in my opinion. Not a destination bar at least. Bartender said they have no control over brands and everything has to be approved from above.

Portions are too big and quality is meh for the price.

The two in my area have good locations.

I've been to 3 different ones 3 times in my life but never at my choosing. I enjoyed myself all three times I must admit but I think the company helped.

I know my peculiar opinions and tastes don't mean squat.
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fwiw, sold my 100 shares (total position across all portfolios - just a tracker) this morn
should have sold it when it ran up a bit ($300 lost)

they are net debt now
development down to 4-6 for 2018
3% food inflation
flat to down EPS more or less for 2018
just nothing here right now


off to look at my other loser - CMG
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how about play..since u like growth. and thats still growing 8-10% units
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honestly never looked at in detail

I like growth accompanied by low to no CapEx (or acquisition growth of those types of companies). Less enamored of growth via CapEx spending...
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