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So the apparent drop in EBIX is obviously due to the allegations of accounting fraud and an impending SEC probe or Wells notice.

So I've been contemplating, as a matter of pure personal problem/solving joy as I really don't know nor allege to have any info regarding the validity of this claim, is if this allegation is a farse how would a company solve this? If I were the CEO or owner and this was my problem as Mr. Raina claims how would one resolve this.

So I am very intrigued to hear from savier investors than myself (being all of you) how you would handle this.

I have come to the conclusion that I would actually just pay/ask for the S.E.C. to perform the very audit that supposedly does not exist. What else can one do?

Even if no SEC investigation exists the SEC will assert that they are always investigating any company and all actions by a company whether an active investigation or Wells notice etc... is happening. In other words the SEC is always engaged in a passive investigation of EBIX. No investor can expect the SEC to say that the these alleged allegations are false because the implication would be that EBIX is not being watched and therefor investors can feel confident invest but the problem is what if in the near future something were to arise? Then the SEC would be opening itsself up to a future litigation.

And just because no notice has been sent to EBIX this does not mean an investigation to do so hasn't begun.

EBIX cannot fight a claim of possible investigation no matter what accountants publish and how many of them publish their findings because only the SEC itsself can say there is or is not an investigation and that there is or isn't suspected fraud. After all, the apparent belief of all investors is that if there is fraud actionable by the SEC then obviously any and all acounting frims are a part of the conspiracy which is why no matter how many quarterly reports and forms this dark cloud is continuing to linger.

The next big issue of an SEC dark cloud is what and how much will the damages be? From my due diligence (and I will expect all to do their own) I believe that even if EBIX is guilty of irregularities the actual damages would be negligible (sp?) compared to the 33% market cap wipe out of recent damage. Were talking about 100's of millions of dollars for minimal (few million max) of damages made by claimed parties. Once again the only organization that can determine what the actual damages would be is the SEC again. EBIX cannot publicly make an assesment as this could be misconstrued as admission of a flasehood.

So here is the EBIX perplexaty (sp?)- Only the SEC can denounce or confirm the false allegations. Only the SEC can provide details of damages or potential damages EBIX would face when trying to asses the risk of the SEC penalty or fne.

So the only solution seems to be the worst solution in the world- Invite/ pay the SEC to investigate themselves.

I KNOW! I KNOW! LUNACY! What company invites trouble? Even the most squeakiest companies would invite the wolf to dinner with their chickens. Certainly there will be some sort of issue when dealing with international laws, taxes, corporations, so many acquisitions and rules/laws that are so often contradictory and/or vague left to the determination of an investigator whose job is to find, fine, and punish. But I cannot think of any other way besides TIME. However, time is a funny thing. How much? How many shareholders will never realize the value of their investment due to time? What a sham. Wouldn't it be prudent to invest else where while this sorts out? Of course just when you do the big run of a short squeezed company hits and you missed out even though you did the diligence however college tuition is less than a year out or the wedding is within 2 or retirement is in 5. Time should not be an enemy and timing is a fools game. The enemy is baseless liars and I fear these liars just profited while everyone else waits.

I wont proof read so sorry about misspells and incoherence.
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