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No. of Recommendations: 13
When interviewed by CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge yesterday, the president was asked several softball questions, including this one:

HERRIDGE: "What do you tell parents and teachers who feel that it is unsafe to go back?"

TRUMP: "I would tell parents and teachers that you should find yourself a new person whoever is in charge of that decision, because it's a terrible decision. Because children and parents are dying from that trauma, too. They're dying because they can't do what they're doing. Mothers can't go to work because all of a sudden they have to stay home and watch their child, and fathers."


Um, parents should find a new person to be in charge of decisions about their children?


Parents decisions about the well-being of their children are terrible decisions?

Children and parents are dying because of staying at home?

Um, 135,000 of them? Or, well, actually none of them?

"Mothers" can't go to work? How 1950s.

And that last sentence construction makes it sound like he's saying that mothers have to stay home to watch their child and their fathers.

The usual suspects here who go on and on about Joe Biden being "slow" or unable to string together two sentences should read the quoted paragraph and cringe with embarrassment.
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Translation: "I AM TRUMP! WORSHIP ME!"
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I can. Someone forgot to take his medication today.
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What's to explain?
It's not like this thought-salad is something new.

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