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I know that many of us (all of us?) have lost money in WCG.
I just sold 13,500 shares at 4 cents.
(And that buyer just lost $550 – he just doesn't know it yet!)

But false press releases?
Inflated Company statements?
Falsehoods made by the Executives?

I don't think so.

Just because I didn't believe that WCG would fail does not mean that I was tricked in to that belief. Just because I believed that the Company was fishing the bankers for concessions does not mean that the Company told me their plans. In fact, all of the statements made by them that I saw indicated they were telling me that I might be a foolish speculator to buy any of their stock. They were warning of banker issued default notices. Both WCG and WMB delayed issuing their financial statements for the year while contemplating the significantly negative results of default consequences. Global Crossing went though this same reorganization process with the common stock holders getting nothing in the end. (Read their website press release regarding their new capital issue – the old common does not participate in the new structure).

And everybody knows about the death of the dot.coms and the poor health of virtually the entire telecom industry.

Sure, the politicos are saying the, “If you bring us evidence of falsehood, we will prosecute.” And the newspapers would love to have volunteer fact gatherers research dirt for a really great story. But realistically? No way!

Who are you going to sue? The bankruptcy is an almost automatic “Get out of Jail Free” card. There aren't any assets available to general creditors, which is what a plaintiff represents. So unless you hang personal irresponsibility and deception on the head of a Director – you got zip! So go look for damaging press releases . . . you won't find any.

I still believe in this company, its product, its mission, and its executives.

As soon as the reorganized WCG comes on the block, I will be in line to buy stock from the bankers' share. (I doubt that WMB will sell any of their 48% block.)

I lost money.
I was not cheated out of it.
My eyes were fully open and aware.
You won't hear me whining.

formerly, hopefully “The Ostrich”
now looking around.
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I hear what you are saying. Sometimes you have to take your lumps when businesses go pear shaped, (is that a British term? er means tits up. Oops there's another one, anyway you get the gist).

I accept the losses I have, I'll move on.

It does sadden me that of all companies, Williams would wipe out so many people, little guys. Given the way they project themselves I am surprised. I figured they would throw 5% the shareholders way, I do think, given all the lawsuits and bad publicity flying around, it might have been smarter to do that.

I agree with you that Williams Communications has a great future, if they get out of this.

It is Friday night here, I have enough cash left to drown a few sorrows and move on.


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