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They don't really have competition.

Theyre integrating into EMR, reducing headaches on medical providers. They own transplant markets and doing gobs of research. High margin business too.

There's alot to like here. This honestly could/should be a rule breaker or Saul stock.

It's growing 50% or more yoy with 70% margins. Saas companies are 20-35x price:sales with margins this high. At 200m/year, 20x puts them at about 4b, which is where they are currently valued. With a TAM in the billions- and very likely to hit that number in the next 5 or so years- CareDx seems like it could be a pretty safe set it and forget it winner.

If there is a sure thing in biotech, this comes awfully close. I struggle to see how this doesn't outperform over the next 3-5 years even after it's recent run up.
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Also, they have a huge head start on the market.

Really high penetration into institutions and testing for multiple organs.

Hard time believing anyone catches up anytime soon.
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