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This is an ad hoc “opinion poll” based on current data showing the frequency that particular stock appeared at least twice among five “software as a service” (SAAS) focused portfolios and screens from free public sources on the web that I consider reliable. Some sources provided weightings for their holdings and some did not. For unweighted portfolios I used all the stocks. For weighted lists, I did not include positions if they reported holding less than 4% of a stock, presuming that indicated low confidence.

On all five - CRWD and DDOG
On four - ZS
On three - OKTA, NET, TWLO, ZM
On two - DOCU, SQ, SE

Sources for stocks I used here were:

EMCLOUD index of stocks with efficiency scores of 40 or greater
softwarestockrecommendations, a site run by Peter Offringa who occasionally gets honorable mention on Saul’s board
From Saul’s board, I included Saul’s most recent reported holdings in the survey., a site run by Albert Wang that provides metrics relevant to SAAS stocks and his personal holdings
CMF_muji, a “Top Recommended Fool”, whose profile is mostly SAAS holdings and seems current

There are other reliable sources that post their monthly holdings and results on Saul’s board. If you want to explore this further, the Excel overlap worksheets from HankDfrmSD’s overlap posts on the Mechanical Investing board would be helpful. You can just repopulate the worksheets with additional portfolio data.
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That publiccomps site by Albert Wang is a fantastic resource. How'd you find that?
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I believe I saw it mentioned on Saul's Board. Unfortunately you have to pay for the really good stuff but it might be worth it.
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