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I've never listened to it before (yes, way!). I've heard of it, yeah, but just never curious enough before to google "youtube carole king tapestry album." Just up to song 6--and 4 of the songs so far are unfamiliar to me. The other 2 very familiar as they were major hits.

Compared to Joni Mitchell, her songs have an easy-listening quality that doesn't appeal to me as much. Maybe it's just the production. Nice, clever, well done, but...not awesome. not memorable. Yeah, a few of her songs are awesome--other people made them hits.

It's hard to believe this is one of the biggest selling albums ever. (I'm sorry, CK fans-).
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Before she became a singer she was a song writer and the number of hits she wrote for other musicians is staggering.

As much as you love music you should look into downloading Spotify. It’s free with commercials and $15/month for four people if you want a version you can tailor for yourself. Music, podcasts, it’s really nice. Anytime someone talks about a favorite song or I hear something nice in a movie poof! Explore the artist. Wondering if my old favorite has anything new…
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It's interesting how different our tastes can be, isn't it?

I bought her Tapestry album when I was a junior in high school.
I found her voice relatable but not excellent. However, she is/was
a fantastic song writer and I was moved by several of her

Joni Mitchell is a good songwriter but her high vocal register
always bothered me. Her vocal fluctuations were impressive
but several of her songs just didn't "reach" me.

I am sure so many of us relate differently to song styles.
Although very popular much of Country Music (old and new) doesn't
do anything for me. I was raised and love classical music but many
haven't heard much or think it is from several hundred years ago and
don't relate.

We all still have much to be thankful for from those artists of the
past eras.

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I mostly listen to classical and film scores (the ones I like are classical or jazz), so I figured things like Spotify wouldn't be worth my time. Also, I'm moody about music. If I listened to Tapestry another time, I may well like it better.

I know Carole King wrote dozens of hits for others--an amazing achievement! That's why I found her album disappointing. I knew she wrote Will You Love Me Tomorrow--a fave at the time it came out (The Shirelles). Carole's rendition of her own Natural Woman was truly fab--the final song and by far the highlight of the album.
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I forgot to mention that Carole King's memoir, Natural Woman, is an interesting read - especially the first two thirds.
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They made a broadway musical about her life. I saw it.

Joanie Mitchell…I have the soundtrack to Love Actually and the difference between her song “both sides now” from the 70’s and her new recording could not be more different. The gravitas in her voice singing about love and regret as an older woman is so much better than when she was a young girl.
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