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This popped up on FB recently..

Cast Iron Cleaning With Electrolysis

Among the variety of restoration tools available to the dedicated vintage cast iron cookware collector, perhaps the most useful of all is cleaning by electrolysis. While a bit more work and expense than other methods to set up, a properly designed and implemented electrolysis tank can remove both rust and build-up in relatively short order.
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Hi Weco,

I have everything I need to clean cast iron using electrolysis, including the correct type of battery charger - the most expensive part of using this method. The only thing I need now is a safe place to use it - The Hydrogen gas emitted by the process can be/is explosive. It definitely needs to be done outdoors.

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Good, pretty much has to be done outdoors at least..

I gave away a heavy duty charger several years ago, before I had considered cast recovery. I used to follow an old tools, heavy tools, forum, maybe it was on Yahoo, and the guys there were doing larger pieces, some nice results as I recall, so when I read the article above it all fits... Not to much of a leap to go to plating things as well, just messy!

Many years ago, like in the 1960s, I worked in a sheet metal sign shop here in town, they did relay racks for IBM, others, so they had huge (to me) tanks for 'Bonderizing', maybe 30 feet long, 3 feet wide, heated by big burners beneath.. I think there were 4 of the tanks, an overhead crane... and they could do plating in the last stage as well... Big & messy... Lots of chemistry, end result was a clean, ready for paint (after baking) sign or relay rack.. But, they laid me off one too many times, I moved on into Western Electric Installation... Later they were bought, collapsed... good I had left, in the end..
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