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Many times, the academics, the Corporatists-themselves-pretending-to-be-class-warriors, *pretend* to want more equality and *pretend* to want a smaller wealth gap when around them - is anything but. Many times, even recently we see Right Honorable Liberals shout "CEO PAY!!!! THE CEOs make waaaaay more than the workers in America! It's not fair!!!". Well let's put aside for a moment - that Club 401K has for a lifetime, feasted at the high paid CEO table and loved their so-called investment returns. Manytimes tax free returns. (they don't mind that perk either). But hey, let's do some math because surely, we have *nobody* clueless, abstract, aloof, campus-creatures here - everyone is studious and real. So let's randomly look at your sainted "S&P 500!":

Microsoft - widely help by Club 401K. Rumor is they've done ok there.

CEO: Satya Nadella

Makes around $50 million a year:

MSFT has around 185,000 employees.

LET'S TAKE ALL 100% OF SATYA'S MONEY! ALL OF IT. 50 million, divided by 185,000 workers..... means each worker would get....$270.00 per year!!!!! That's $22.52 per month pre-tax!!!!!!!

TAKING *ALL* THE CEO'S PAY gives each worker $22 bucks a month - what did that solve?

Google - I've heard that's been good to Club 401K for years, rumor is they make some money.

CEO: Sundar Pichai

Total Yearly Compensation: $280,000,000

total employees: 151,000

*Take ALL $280 million , divide it by 151,000 workers: everyone gets $1866 per year. WOO-HOO!!!!!

ANOTHER $150 PER MONTH, PRE-TAX!!!!!!! Did that really make a dent in the wealth gap? Did that really help people who couldn't afford college- all of a sudden pay for a degree for their kids? BTW - $150 per month doesn't hire a pimple faced baby sitter and her randy boyfriend who probably visits the house.

Let's try..... STARBUCKS Out of Silicon Valley. No cherry picking right?

CEO: Kevin Johnson

Total Comp: $14,600,000

Total Employees: 349,000

Take ALL Mr Johnson's money..... each worker gets..... $41.00 per year!!!!

$3.48 per month!!! "GO BARISTAS!!!!!" as Campus would say. C'mon people- under DEM-FLATION, $3.48 per month doesn't buy a fast food combo meal. (Trust me, I know)

So....we've taken 100% of the CEO money, divided it up amongst the workers.....and at BEST it would pay for *one* dinner out per month at Outback for a Family (providing I'm not in the family. Them shrooms are great appetizers and the ribs ! The Lobster Tails are well kept secrets but I digress)


Want fairness? Stop standing in the way of dialogues on CULTURE. Stop telling Americ'as most disadvantaged "we need more funding for schools" - while they languish for generations.

And yes - it's time for the SHAREHOLDER - to SHARE with the worker?

Maybe the S/P500'S. P/E ratio needs to go to "3". How about that?

Just like "$15 an hour!" - the CEO pay whining - is debunked. Fake Fairness.

*No TMF member is personally attacked in this post. The Leader has given multiple links, he's done complex math algorithms, and shown - the CEO whining is just envy and vanity run amok, that's all*
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