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In Chapter Two, the company Teledesic was touted as having visionary goals. Makers/Breakers said the company planned to go public eventually, perhaps in 2003. The company's website gives no indication.

As yet there is no SEC filing for an IPO. Is there any scuttlebutt about WHEN an IPO may happen? Something causes me to suspect a typo, and 2005 may be an actual target date. Thoughts?

:-)))Chuck (a very happy and successful Fool)
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Alas, Teledesic is a casualty of the Internet boom-and-doom. Along with Orbcomm and Iridium, this puppy went bust. I guess we can be glad that it remained a private company to the end, and therefore took no public shareholder money with it.

Ouch Bill Gates! :)

Enjoy the Fool... (and hope you enjoyed the book)...

David Gardner
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