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Dull post I'm afraid - currently based in UK and its time to renew the company car. Plan is to get Grand Cherokee CRD, but garage tells me there's a problem with fitting a dog guard because of the window air bags.

Anyone know if this is something which has been solved yet - seems strange to sell a SUV and not think that people might cart mutts around in it at some point.

Any ideas?

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Car manufacturers and dealers are so afraid of liability for any modifications that could involve safety equipment that pretty soon they'll even be afraid to wash a car. (You never know. The water may have gotten into.........etc)

SO, just install it yourself?

Disclaimer: Although SRHCB is neither a car manufacturer not dealer, he does not advise persons to make any modifications to their vehicles that could result in improper functioning of already installed safety equipment, thus causing possible death, serious injury, or acute embarrassment. Failure to follow this advice could seriously impair your ability to live forever in perfect health.

PS: SRHCB also does not wash cars.
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