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So I bought a small container of Empire Rendered Chicken Fat.

I'm thinking of trying it on basmati rice.
Thinking maybe it'll be a comfort food sort of dish with a chicken breast.

Any other ideas for it?

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Any other ideas for it?

Use it with A.P. flour to make a roux to be used to thicken gravy, gumbo, soups, etc.

C.J.V. - usually have too much chicken fat from roasting chickens & making stock, me
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That brings me back!

My maternal grandmother, nee Esther Rabinowitz, born in England to a Russian Jewish family, used to render & save chicken fat ("schmalz") to use in homemade chopped liver and to fix gribenes (pronounced "gribbiness"), chicken skin fried in chicken fat with onions till the skin is crisp. A childhood treat and great addition to kasha varnishkas.


Scramble an egg, stir it into buckwheat groats, and cook dry in a suacepan before adding chicken broth to cook them till fluffy.
Boil some bowtie noddles (farfalle) separately.
Meanwhile fix gribenes, or just saute chopped onion in chicken fat.
Stir it all together--Jewish comfort food!

One of my favorite dinners when I was first master of my own kitchen was baked chicken leg quarters with kasha varnishkes and mashed butternut squash or spinach.
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