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Flying under the radar is this news story that China's birth rate hit a record low for 2020.

If that trend continues, as seems likely, the future consequences are enormous for stuff like the economy (and your retirement investments) and climate change. China's work force will be declining, likely causing the economy to slow and with it energy demand. When Japan hit its demographics wall, the economy was impacted pretty quickly. China appears to have hit its wall.

Japan's GDP annual growth went to about 0% about when its dependency ratio (dependents/workforce) started to rise. The Chinese dependency ratio is now rising. The world is changing.
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Excellent post, even if it got zero recs. I regret that I have but one rec to bestow.

Concerning Japan, here is a little appreciated fact:

With a GDP growth rate of zero, Japan is still giving its citizens a higher GDP per capita every year, because its population is declining. It’s a pretty demographic trick!

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You got Loren to post! Congrats!

And he was right, your post linked to an excellent and actionable article.

David fb
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