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Here is an other great article about this.
My take is 'they won't just roll over because they have been exposed. They will press on and ignore. That is why jail is justified. (you too, Al)
This is what the media is saying:

Following the link is a snippet.

Climategate? What Climategate?
Exclusive: Barry Farber spotlights media's reticence to cover science scandal
Posted: December 02, 2009
1:00 am Eastern

By Barry Farber

Remember the 3-year-old girl who won our hearts during the Vietnam War when she asked her father, "What if they gave a war and nobody came?" She's now old enough to ask, "What if they gave the biggest scandal in the whole history of science and no major TV network reported it for a week – and then mostly to try to downplay it?"

And remember the emperor who had no clothes? If his fraudulent weavers were as smart as the "Pay-Us-To-Save-You-From-Global-Warming" mob, they'd have wrapped some real cloth, not their expensive imaginary kind, around the mouth of that kid who ruined their scam by shouting, "The emperor has no clothes!"

The major media have lost their power to cover up "Climategate." There's too much minor media today. Chances are you've already heard about the hacking of what amounts to 63 megabytes' worth of material, over a thousand e-mails and other documents, from the Climatic Research Unit at England's University of East Anglia. That heist was then pitched out to a Russian server that instantaneously alerted the whole world. That's got to be Russia's greatest contribution to mankind since their monumental contributions to the destruction of the late Adolf Hitler.

The side that gains money, prestige and power by convincing us that humans are overheating the planet says there's nothing but a bunch of yawns in that whole haul and the real story is the criminal theft of other people's mail. The side that says there's no way humans can cause global warming and the whole madness is a power-and-money grab says this is the smoking gun – or rather the mushroom cloud – signaling the end of the rip-off. As President Obama once famously said, "Let's not jump to conclusions." I agree. It's too much fun watching global warming's feathers plucked plume by plume.

Read the truth about climate change in "Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud, and Deception to Keep You Misinformed"

First of all, nobody denies the authenticity of the material. Instead they're crying, "Shame on whoever let you see this!" That's beyond desperation. That's amateur desperation. Then they complain that the material used to debunk man-caused global warming is "selective." Well, yes! If investigators have a thousand e-mails and only one says, "Natasha admitted she shot the prime minister as he was leaving the brothel," isn't our use of that testimony selective? How far will the defense get complaining that there are 999 e-mails that do not implicate Natasha? Those under fire right now sound about as convincing as the man who broke the window of the store at 3 a.m., and when the cops arrived he had his hand in the cash register. He explained he was just leaning up against the store window waiting for a bus and it accidentally broke, and when the police came he was in the cash register looking for a pen so he could leave his name and phone number.

George Stephanopoulos broke major media silence Sunday by admitting that the East Anglia disclosures could "complicate" President Obama's trip to Copenhagen. Indeed it could, like the collapse of the Berlin Wall could complicate the next May Day Parade of the East German Communist Party. London's Daily Telegraph is telling us the Copenhagen conference may be laughed out of existence as one scientific celebrity after another is forced into stumblebum defenses of his own written admissions of book-cooking and outright falsification of data to support their self-serving schemes of carbon control.

Major media are learning, "You can hide the fire for a while, but what are you going to do with all that smoke?" I can't even tell them, "Nice try!" Google numbers are soaring through the millions, and YouTube is going nuts with the revelations. I'm a gentle person when it comes to animate objects, but I'd gladly be the one to tell major media their advancing leprosy is our health!

Let's do what Einstein would have called a "thought experiment." If this multi-megabyte hijacking of private e-mails had made the other side look as bad as the Anthropogenic Global Warming side now looks – you know, if the ones with red faces and shortness of breath and "No comment!" were George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove or Sarah Palin – can you imagine the major media's reaction? They'd be starting with an earthquake and forever working their way up to a climax.

Maybe we can learn the secrets of the media's selective outrage from the worker who complained to the boss that the computer had gypped him out of $80 that week. "I'll look into it," promised the boss. The next day the boss came back and said, "You're right. Our computer did gyp you out of $80 this week. But when we went back six weeks we found that same computer gave you $80 too much. Isn't that right?" "Yes," agreed the worker. "You didn't complain about it at that time, did you?" asked the boss. "No," replied the worker. "Why not?" demanded the boss.

"Well," said the worker, "One mistake I can forgive, but not two." ....
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