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Stock is now trading at about 65, after it's run yesterday to 72. Any thoughts on where it will move next? I'm not so concerned about the short term, but I don't want to pay premium price for the company. Thanks.
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Any thoughts on where it will move next?

In the short term nobody really knows. However if you pay attention to such things, one of the analysts that follows CLTK, CIBC WorldMarkets, revised their Q4 earnings from a loss of 27 cents to a loss of 3 cents. They put a price targe of $97.


This upgrade is based on some current sales wins, in other words, CLTK is having a very strong quarter. CLTK's IRFC cellular phone chips are a good product. If they keep up the sales momentum throughout the year AND keep improving their product, they have a huge oppurtunity and their current price would be considered cheap.
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