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By any other name
Commentary: Three budding small-cap plays
By Paul Elliott, Motley Fool Hidden Gems
Last Update: 9:33 AM ET Feb. 19, 2004

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (MotleyFool) -- Nobody ever said that it has to be high tech to be high quality. In fact, when unearthing hidden gems, we're as amenable to overlooked or budding retailers, manufacturers, or consumer outfits as to a leader in a nascent technology.

The Motley Fool Hidden Gems mandate has frequently been mischaracterized as dealing only in emerging technologies, novel businesses, or obscure products or services.

CNS Inc.

The name is worthy of witness protection, but you know the work -- if not from the ads then from some brilliant product placement. CNS (CNXS: news, chart, profile) makes those Band-Aid-looking strips-across-the-bridge-of-the-nose NFL players wear to the big game on Sunday. They not only let you breath easy, they're FDA approved for the treatment of cold-related congestion, deviated nasal septum, and snoring.

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