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Colorado's US Attorney Will Not Prosecute Companies Abiding By Colorado Cannabis Law:
Colorado’s top federal prosecutor, US Attorney Bob Troyer, said his office won’t change its enforcement of marijuana laws, in response to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that decision would rest with the US attorneys offices in each state. This is very strong news for any person, patient or business related to cannabis, including minorities, who wish to conduct cannabis-related business in the state of Colorado.

The Door Is Now Open For Legitimate Medical Cannabis Companies To Enter The Colorado Markets:

This recent development clearly should open the door for Aphria to discuss this option with the Toronto Exchange since they would be in agreement with and not at issue with the Colorado US Attorney's Office. Before the statement by the two men, Aprhia's partner Tetra Bio-Pharma wasn't making the decision to enter the markets in Colorado and that's likely due to their consideration of federal law enforcement. BUT now ... after the statements of both AGs Sessions and Troyer have been made as of yesterday, the door for Rx Princeps (a medical cannabis blend developed by Tetra with Aphria for the medical market) to be sold throughout Colorado is open without the threat of interference or conflict with the US Attorney's Office in Colorado. This looks like something a good marketer like Tetra's CEO Bernard Fortier will be spurred into action over. You know he will be making calls and contacts now to enable them to make that decision. My belief is the result will be Rx Princeps on shelves across Colorado.

US Attorney For Colorado Won't Prosecute Cannabis Companies Via Federal Law Or Change Approach:In major news, Colorado US Attorney Bob Troyer said that the US Attorney's Office would not be going after cannabis businesses in conflict with current federal marijuana law, but continue "identifying and prosecuting those who create the greatest safety threats to our communities around the state,” which he also stated was "consistent with Sessions’ guidance".

Sessions Just Stirred The Pot & Lit Fires Under Marijuana Advocates of Medical & Recreational Usage:Now Sessions has evoked the ire of a major Republican Senator, Senator Cory Gardner. Sessions had promised him in statements before he was confirmed by the Senate as Attorney General that he wouldn't go against the current policy of lenient enforcement, going against his word and the good faith of Coloradoans. Senator Gardner said he now is reaching out to all the other cannabis states to seek Congressional protections for state-legal cannabis programs throughout the United States! Congress has continually passed protections for  the state programs such as restricting any use of Justice Department funds for enforcement of federal cannabis laws in cannabis-legal states.

Another Major Republican Congressman Joins The Fight For The People Against Sessions:Republican US Representative, Colorado, Mike Coffman, is also taking immediate action against the attempted infringement of states' rights, stating that "Colorado had every right to legalize marijuana, and I will do everything I can to protect that right against the power of an overreaching federal government,” the Republican said in a statement.

Yet Another Major Colorado Official Sides With The People Of Colorado: Another major Colorado official, former head of marijuana coordination, Andrew Freedman, said the Justice Department cannot force states to make cannabis illegal. It has not been granted that power by the US Constitution that was created by the states! He realizes that Sessions is trying to turn the Constitution on its head by his irresponsible actions.

Now Cannabis Businesses Can Work & Enter In Colorado Assured By Its State & Federal Leaders:So what we now have in Colorado is a guarantee from the US Attorney's office that they won't be prosecuting cannabis businesses and will continue with the same policies they had in place, but will target, as they have, serious criminal enterprises. In fact, Colorado’s Attorney General Cynthia Coffman is now saying for people who use and sell marijuana legally in her state to “Don’t freak out.” Her words. According to the Daily Journal, Coffman said that her office could fight back if the federal government did prosecute businesses who are complying with Colorado laws and that said the businesses could argue strongly that the federal government allowed the marketplace to flourish and is now improperly changing direction. This is true. Those involved in the cannabis industry in whatever way and patients and others have been acting in good faith and no jury in Colorado is going to be likely to convict anybody they see as following state law doing something they don't feel is illegal.

California Likely The Same As Colorado:
This is also the case in California where the medical marijuana program has been going on for decades. Californians are not going to convict those who are following state law and many former federal prosecutors know this and are saying this in the news. Coffman, according to the Journal, also said, “I think we’ll have a strong argument should the federal government try to change the rules”. That goes for California as well. And they have a lot of lawyers and money in California to fight with. Any attempts to convict will fall flat on its face and cost money the federal government doesn't have and that has not been allocated for in the first place.

US Attorneys Are All Bound By Congress's Mandate To Not Use Federal Funds To Pursue Cannabis:
It's not just AG Sessions that is bound by the Congressional restrictions against using any federal funds to investigate or prosecute state-legal cannabis companies based on federal law against cannabis. So whether you are talking the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Justice Department or the US Attorneys under Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department, all of them are bound by the Rohrbacher-Farr Amendment. From a letter of US Representatives, California, Dana Rorhabacher and Sam Farr, the amendment "prohibits the Department of Justice from using funds to prosecute individuals who are acting in compliance with their state’s medical marijuana laws". That's the bottom line for US Attorneys in each state. If they don't think so, Congress wil gladly take the right steps to straighten them out. Order Is Arising Out Of Attempts By Sessions To Create Chaos By Sessions: So out of the attempt by Sessions to create disorder, instability and madness, what has resulted is stability, confidence and assurance inside the borders of the state of Colorado. Look for Canadian cannabis companies, especially those dealing with medical marijuana products recommended to patients by physicians, to now enter the Colorado market. Rx Princeps is one such product I expect to see before long in Colorado, made by Aphria and its partner Tetra Bio-Pharma. Since Tetra is not hindered by Toronto stock exchange rules and policies, it can move immediately to enter Colorado markets and begin sales of Rx Princeps without concern that the US Attorney's Office will be pursuing them or that they are in conflict with that office. In fact, they are one of the highest quality, most credible companies in the industry and are working with the United States Food and Drug Administration through their clinical trial processes for cannabis (Tetra's product PPP001 and others) that are in Phase III and IV clinical trials with the FDA and Health Canada and also the European EMA.

My Take Is That Rx Princeps Could Be In Colorado Stores In 2018:
So that's really something to be excited about because Colorado is one of the states where every eye following cannabis is upon. If Tetra enters Colorado with Rx Princeps, the whole world will know about it, to the benefit of Tetra Bio-Pharma and possibly Aphria. Look for California to follow suit with Colorado as well. First of all, the same Congressional mandate to not spend any money of enforcement against cannabis in legal states still applies to US Attorneys. Sessions has NOT found a loophole to get around Congress and if he thinks so, he's sadly mistaken, on the one hand, and if he were right, he's still sadly mistaken because Congress will take care of any supposed loophole in short order. No sir, the Congressional order to not use funds applies to Sessions, the Justice Department and everyone under Sessions, including and especially the US Attorneys Office. Think about that. And think about that neither Coloradoans nor Californians will convict those in their state who are following their state's laws on cannabis. There are also over half a dozen other states whose US Attorneys may take the same stance as the Colorado's Bob Troyer. And on top of that, more states will legalize medical and recreational marijuana in 2018. If that's not enough, the NCSL (National Conference of State Legislatures) passed a resolution calling for the descheduling of marijuana) and that requires a ... 75% super-majority vote to do.That, my friends, is a LOT of good news.

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