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Apparently people are complaining they weren't notified about the change to the Withdrawal of Application rules. Don't they read the newspaper?

As Bucks reported, the agency recently decided to curtail the ability of Social Security recipients to receive what amounted to an interest-free loan from the agency.

Under the old policy, people eligible for benefits could take them early, then change their mind and then withdraw their application for benefits — as long as they repaid the full amount of the benefits received. That allowed them to restart the clock, and reapply for higher benefits later.

While the old policy was intended to help people who took early retirement and then went back to work, the agency said it was increasingly promoted in the media and by some financial professionals as a way to get a “free loan” from the government for at least several years.


Here's a link to the comments online at the gov't website.!searchResults;rpp=10;so=DESC;sb....

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Don't they read the newspaper?

Whether they read the newspaper or not doesn't matter. By the time it was in the newspaper, the rule had changed and there was no chance of going back and changing your selection. (Plus, it was a one-day story, buried on page 6 of the Business section, if you were lucky.)
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