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Thru the pandemic, America's great "chain restaurants" and "fast food" companies continue to adapt, and profit as more and more Americans enjoy yummy food.

In today's spotlight - Wendy's. Though my food reviews are highly sought after online, I will refrain from going into detail other than to say that personally, Wendy's just didn't do it for me ever but no matter - they've got more customers.

After previous failures, Wendy's re-entry into the breakfast depart continues to be more successful and they have concrete real plans in the near future to increase their morning business.

JAE, a huge Wendy's Franchisee just secured rights to build multiple stores (I think in Florida)...they've got 100s of stores already, so I take that to mean they know how Wendy's works, and if they are expanding - it's because they forsee success.

And it's not just in America. The WORLD loves America's great chains and while Wendy's global footprint isn't as glorious as a McDonald's or a YUM brands.....they've got around 150 Franchisees qualified, with capital in hand, OUTSIDE of America - ready to build Wendy's restaurants in their respective countries.

We hear the unfortunate news of cute little eateries, cafes, organic bakeries, and fresh and sustainable restaurants not being able to make it and shutting down during pandemic and that is too bad.

But rejoice in good news. The Great Fast Food chains - are thriving and expanding.

In "unrelated" news....let us hope there's more rounds off stimulus checks for the middle class, and let's hope President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and Majority Leader Schumer don't take unemployment benefits away from millions of Americans just months before Christmas and a cold winter.
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I can't imagine what one eats at home if one finds fast food and chain restaurant food "yummy" (other than McD's fries decades ago when they were fried in beef tallow).
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I can't speak for the millions and millions of Americans, Europeans, Chinese, Indians, Malaysians, Australians and countless others who love American fast food chains and are seeing such outlets expand in their own countries I can only speak for myself.

Egg whites, white toast, cheese, kiwi in morning.

Taco Bell, 2 Steak Burritos loaded up - at lunch - magnificent. And with fountain Pepsi.

In the evening, a cup of blueberries plus a few cocktail shrimp.

That was it.


Breakfast will be either McDonald's or Burger King and I can't wait.

Lunch will be at home - a huge Shrimp chef's salad loaded to the gills. A huge bowl of it.

Dinner will be berries and maybe some ice cream in honor of Joe Biden - he loves the stuff.

I'm eating a bit more fast food these days because my parents are visiting me - and it gets to be too much ruckus in our kitchen at home so I find that fast food and a quiet parking lot are a lovely time.
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Wendy's. Proof that you can put a square patty in a round bun. Possibly the best thing since square Wonder Bread.

Watch out McDuff, Burglar King, Wuss Burger and Crap in a Sack. Dr Evil's private investment club has bought What-a-Burger with a plan for world domination. Its business plan is diabolical: "Give people the same mouthwatering burger as the one shown in the one shown in the advert". The end is neigh!
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BR--yogurt w/strawberries & walnuts, coffee
LU--Bibb lettuce w/avocado, tomato, feta, pumpkin seeds, fresh herbs, olive oil & vinegar, water to drink
DN--baked arctic char w/diced sweet potato, green beans almondine, chardonnay and water

BR--homemade egg mcmuffin (spicy Whole Foods sausage patty & over-easy eggs fried in pastured butter w/slightly melted cheddar on a whole grain bun), coffee
LU--vegetable soup, ginger kombucha
DN--BBQ ribs & cole slaw (takeout from farmer's market), fruit salad
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Nice. I am so thankful you are in the health insurance pool with me.
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Luckily I forgot to stop at the farmer's market bakery booth for chocolate chip cookies.

PS--If I didn't eat pretty well, I'd have high cholesterol and diabetes.
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I hear you.

I've lost 14 pounds the last 3 months, so now I'm less obese. :)
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I'm sure the cookies were good.

In a pinch try Chips ahoy :)
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