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ConocoPhillips (COP). A month or so back Hewitt mentioned a company,
If my cost of equity (discount rate) is 9%, then IV is $226 and ER is 157%. The firm's current stock price is $88.
At 10%, IV is $201 and ER is 129%.
At 12%, IV is $182 and ER is 107%.

I was just off on holiday then, but a quick look made me think he was talking about ConocoPhillips (COP). In case so I just noticed Soros has been buying

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Hi Dean,

I'd point out that Buffett acquired a significant stake in COP a few quarters ago. While I think there is great value in COP shares, I also think that a current valuation approaching $200 per share is a tad optimistic.

It was a satisfying buy at sub-$60, though.

Rich (Long COP)
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