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"Free will is a big open problem in philosophy. Once upon a time, physics thought it had the problem solved: there was none. The French physicist LaPlace championed the idea that, because all physics was pre-determined by laws both backward and forwards in time and because human beings are physical beings, all our behavior must have been scripted from the beginning of time." Tim Andersen, Phd
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What a mess.
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I have a simple-minded approach to evaluating ideas like this: Show me the math!

If Tim Anderson cannot show me how his ideas are expressed in black-and-white mathematics, then I classify them as “too vague to evaluate”.

Then I yawn and move on.

On the other hand, if he does have some math to share, then the fun begins. A physics paper that presents entirely new mathematics can take a research group of experienced mathematical physicists at least a month to fully comprehend, and sometimes a year or more. This is when life really begins for me.

Loren (yawning)
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